Bhutan known as Druk or country of Thundering Dragon the last and only kingdom that exists around Himalaya, slowly developing into modernization and opening its door for outsiders to visit and explore its hidden treasure of rich old culture, religion and custom.

Bhutan for centuries remained in isolation untouched by modern civilization and it still remains as it was past hundreds of year with its history and glory.

Travel to Bhutan it’s like back to medieval times with its fascinating hidden treasure of ancient culture, religion, architecture with its simple and traditional way of life as it was for hundreds of years.

On our trip one can observe past and present of Bhutan that still exists, where tantric Buddhism way of living with its warm, friendly people with great hospitality.
Nepal Adventure Team with best selected trip around Bhutan for your interest and delights.

Beside listed fascinating trip in Bhutan, we organize and run other Bhutan destination on request or for tailor made itineraries for private and special groups.

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