Nepal Adventure Team also offers guide and porter service in Nepal. Guide and Porter service in Nepal is essential for trekking, especially if you are a tourist. Our guides are very experienced with the geography and history of Nepal. They have had an experience of walking through the rugged trails of all the trekking regions in Nepal. The guides share the knowledge of the history, heritage, culture, lifestyle of Nepal. We encourage women guides, so we have employed female guides for the various tours around Nepal. They have been performing well and are ranked as one of the best guides.

We have guides for all of your needs. Whether a trekking guide or a tour guide, a climbing guide, an international mountain guide, we facilitate you with one. For your climbing and expedition, a guide is vital. The guides are well-trained and experienced and know which step to take and not to take, and what equipment’s to use. The expedition that goes above 7000 m requires this type of climbing guide.

The main highlights of our Guide Service are:

  • They are really friendly and helpful at all times.
  • We have English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Germany, French, Italy, Korean, Russian, and Japanese speaking guides for your convenience.s
  • Our guides are academically strong with a Bachelor’s degree certificate and a full knowledge in history and geography of Nepal which is an added benefit whenever you enter a UNESCO World Heritage site or go on a long trek
  • Most of our guides have already climbed small peaks ranging from 5000 m to 7000m so they have the experience of small expeditions and have also received the basic climbing training.
  • We have special guides for special tour packages like for Jungle Safari in Chitwan; we have a special guide with knowledge of geography and bird watching.
  • We encourage female guides so most of our guides are female who is equally qualified for the job and even more experienced

Your luggage will be carried by the Porters who are well-cared for. We make sure that they have a pleasant experience while they travel with you. They are well remunerated and insured. Also, we make sure that porters carry no more than 25-30 kgs of weight. Porters assist you by carrying your luggage, which would otherwise tire your muscles at the end of the trek.

Taking a guide or a porter along with you means that you are creating employment opportunities for these people in Nepal. This in itself is a generous act on part of you as a traveler to a foreign country. Most of our Porters and guides come from rural parts of Nepal, tourism sustains their livelihood. Your act of hiring a guide or a tour for your valuable travel experience in Nepal will help them sustain their livelihood and provide basic necessities to their families. So we highly encourage you to carry a guide for your safety and ease as well as their sustenance.

The most significant advantage of taking our guide and porter service in Nepal is that you get to experience the true beauty of Nepal while dropping the hassle of carrying huge luggage and also feeling secure throughout the tour.