Everest expedition 2017. Top of the world (8848 m)
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Make the highest point on earth, your playground..
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Don't look down, Be strong & It's all yours to conquer
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That team spirit which runs in the family is what keeps our guests happy.......
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Welcome to Nepal Adventure Team !!!

Nepal adventure team is one of the friendly and welcoming travel company you will find in Nepal working solely on delivering the most remarkable travel experience of your life time. This company has various holiday packages includes trekking in Nepal's beautiful Himalayas, peak climbing, jungle safari, mountain flights, rafting,  bungee jumping , paragliding ,cultural tours and many more.

Some tours, Nepal Adventure Team, provides are exotic that will take you to the top of the world and provide a majestic view of Himalaya range while some are resourceful and informative that will take you to historical and cultural sites of Nepal and give to some knowledge about lifestyle and culture of Nepal.Some includes exciting and refreshing adventurous sports such as bungee jumping, rafting , paragliding and mountain biking. Some tour will take you close to raw and rugged nature of Nepal with close view of beautiful wildlife and landscapes of Nepal. Thus, the team is happy to provide you with various choice of holiday you want in Nepal that suits your plan. We also offer tailor made program to our guest on request.

Our team are energetic and experienced who has best interest in making your holiday comfortable, memorable and successful. The people working under this company are well trained by tourism related organization. Our company is registered under the office of the Company Registrar and Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and is trustworthy.

Nepal Adventure Team has been well-admired in the field of trekking, tour, expedition and various adventure sports in tourism. Our expertise is not limited in Nepal only but also in Bhutan, Tibet, India and Sri Landa while pursuing worldwide.Therefore, based on our past experience and our expert team we proudly say that the team will not only help your limits but will take you beyond.

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Outdoor Activities in the Himalaya

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