Paragliding in Nepal

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Start fromUS $110p/p

1 DayKathmandu to Kathmandu Grade:

Destination: Nepal

Best season: All year round except the monsoon time

Group size: 2- 20

Duration: 2-4 hrs

  • One of the most thrilling adventure in Nepal
  • Organized in the hills of the best city in Nepal, Kathmandu and Pokhara

Nepal, the country of Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Hills and beautiful forests no doubt it’s a beautiful country. Paragliding is the best activity to be done in Nepal which provides stunning experience to feel the beauty of Nepal. Paragliding in Nepal is once in a lifetime activity because Nepal is considered as the fifth most beautiful and suitable country for paragliding, which complements the awesome scenario of Mountains, Lakes, hills, forests, and settlements. Commercially in Nepal, Pokhara is the famous tourist city where the dreams of flyers come true. Along with Pokhara, Paragliding is also available in Kathmandu at two places till the date, Godavari and Shankharapur paragliding.

Nepal Adventure Team offers the best paragliding platform to all the adventurers and flying lovers. Being the service based company, we have been organizing this adventure packages for the interested ones who is up for the challenges.


Pokhara lies 200 km west of Kathmandu, is the most popular tourist city of Nepal situated at the       closet of the great Annapurna backdrop. This is the most awesome place for paragliding not only in Nepal but also one of the best in the world. Pokhara paragliding complements spectacular views of mount Annapurna (8091 meters), mount Fishtail (6993 meters), mount Dhaulagiri (8167 meters), Fewa Lake, world peace stupa, and of course beautiful hills covered with forests. Paragliding starts from the Sarangkot hill station (1600 meters) and lands at the fewa lake side, in between you can have the fantastic flying experience.
Paragliding in Pokhara offers different types of Tandem paragliding; Tandem paragliding is when an experienced and licensed pilot flies with the passenger. For tandem flying the glider is specially designed to fly the weight of two people where pilot and the passenger have separate harness which is attached to one another and to the wing. Tandem flying price in Pokhara varies as per the time package followed by the acrobat maneuvers too.  One can experience short flight (25 min) to long flight (45 min) as per the choice of the passengers. Similarly Nepal Adventure Team also has the access to every arrangements required for solo flying over Pokhara for the paragliding licence holders too.


Flying is no longer a myth now, come and fly with us and feel the thrill of paragliding above the Kathmandu and dance along the clouds. Kathmandu paragliding is the trending adventure activity within the capital. Kathmandu paragliding is the newly launched flying activity with great tourism potential offering the bird’s eye view of entire Kathmandu valley, Langtang Mountain range, and parts of Kavre district too. Kathmandu paragliding assures you the best value of your time and money, this is why people often call it, once you do, you never regret. Due to the location and distance, Kathmandu paragliding is gaining popularity among the Kathmandu adventure junkies as well as for international tourists with limited time too.
Our pilots are experienced, licensed and friendly assuring you to fly with satisfaction. The adventure starts from:

a. The hill top of Godavari village, which is located east of Kathmandu valley, Lalitpur district, roughly 30-45 minutes of driving distance. The total flying time vary from 20-30 minutes and you land at beautiful Godavari village next to Godavari botanical garden. You can either have your own camera or Nepal Adventure Team can arrange you the best photography while you fly.

b. The Shankharapur municipality, 7km away from Nagarkot and 30km far from Ratnapark, Kathmandu. In nearly 25 mins of flying time, we take off form Lapsephedi and land at Patap (5 km from take-off site), both at Shankharapur municipality. All the arrangements from the transport to the completion of the exciting adventure with the photos and videos can be easily arranged.


Cost Include

  • Transportation to/from the hotel
  • Photos and videos of the whole adventure
  • Tandem paragliding flight
  • Gears and safety equipment
  • Tax and VAT

useful Info


• Protective footwear, tight and closed shoes
• Jeans or pants
• Warm tight clothes
• Gloves and sunglasses

Paragliding condition:

It is obviously the monsoonal climate that makes Nepal the best place for flying. With a subtropical climate and the tree in the high altitudes, there is no prevailing of valley winds thus a pure thermic flight during most year round other than the monsoon time.

Best season:

The flying season runs from early September to the late May depending upon the weather condition.The most popular is still October to January because of the  consistent weather

Scheduled time:

8:00 am to 3:00 pm mostly



Flying cost and schedule is subjected to change with or without prior notice depending on the weather conditions. In case of the cancellation of the operaton, the schedule will be shifted to the later date. No refunds in any case.


Trip Note

Please write to us if you have any other inquiries. We also have so many other adventure packages which can be designed to suit your needs. Please contact us for further details. 

Dates & Prices

The price (per person) varies with the locations and the time duration you fly as given below (inclusive of photos and videos):


  • 20-30 mins flight (short) : $110 pp

  • 45-55 mins flight (long): $150 pp



  1. Godavari (20-30 mins): $120 pp

  2. Shankharapur (20 mins): $140 pp

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