Rafting in Nepal

Nepal Adventure Team takes the delights presenting our ever exciting and thrilling scenic floats and white water rafting and river expeditions, suitable for all interested people, our rafting from a day-2 days or more with river / rafting expeditions with kayak support for safety measures.

Come and join in our thrills and frills on rafting the Himalayan Rivers with great support and guidance of Nepal Adventure Team River Guides.

Rafting Himalayan Rivers offers thrills and relaxation, many fine rivers for rafting, kayaking or canoeing.

The most prominent white water rafting regions are the eastern, the mid and the western rivers, of all these regions the mid river Trisuli and the Sun-Kosi are the main popular rafting rivers, these rivers can be soothing, relaxing or it can offer hair-raising roller coaster rides.

Every river, flows from Himalaya, all the way to the Ganges in India float down stream is exhilarating and the scenery of the valley, gorges between Himalaya and Mid-Himalayan range is equally captivating.

The other thrills in the rafting, is camping on the clear sandy beaches with time to explore and visit the rural villages. So, what ever duration or level of excitement you need we have it all here in the rivers of Nepal.

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