The Himalayan country Nepal has been surrounded by the giant nations- China and India. It is a tiny landlocked country with diversity in various aspects. This country is famous as the birth land of Lord Buddha and the country of Mt. Everest (8848m). It is a god gifted country for the mountaineering, trekking and travelling. The northern part of Nepal is connected with Tibet. It is bordered with the airborne peaks. The middle hill regions are surrounded by the green hills and sub-tropical forests. The plain land or the southern part of Nepal is also known as the food storage. Cultivated lands are prevailed there. Tropical forests and grassy meadows can be found there. There are 125 ethnic groups in Nepal along with the Brahmins and Chhetriyas. They live with a bond of harmony. They even belong to different religious groups, but have mutual understanding. Hindu is the main religion with Buddhism and Christianity. 

  • Trekking in Nepal

    Trekking in Nepal

    Trekking in Nepal is one of the most popular adventure sports and this tiny country has been an ultimate destination for millions of…

  • Nepal Tours

    Nepal Tours

    Nepal Tours is one of the exhilarating trips, as there are numerous of places in the country offering wide range adventure. Nepal has…

  • Peak Climbing in Nepal Himalayas

    Peak Climbing in Nepal Himalayas

    Peak climbing in Nepal is one of the exciting and adventurous sports. Nepal has been one of the ultimate destinations for peak climbing…

  • Multi Adventure Sports

    Multi Adventure Sports

    Beside, popular trekking, rafting, mountaineering expeditions to cultural tour, Nepal is equally famous for all types of adventure sports in the back drop…

  • Day Tours

    Day Tours

    A government authorized trekking company Nepal Adventure Team organizes and operates a private day tour in Kathmandu valley. We have the largest selection…

  • Rafting in Nepal

    Rafting in Nepal

    Nepal Adventure Team takes the delights presenting our ever exciting and thrilling scenic floats and white water rafting and river expeditions, suitable for…

  • Hiking Tour in Nepal
  • Jungle Safari

    Jungle Safari

    Nepal Adventure Team beside our various exotic and delightful trips, adding few more enjoyable and thrilling Jungle Safari and Wild Life Safari around…

  • Pilgrimage tour in Nepal

    Pilgrimage tour in Nepal

    Pilgrimage tour in Nepal is highly acclaimed tour particularly popular in Asia. Whether you are a Hindu or a Buddhist or you are…

  • Nepal trek and tour with Volunteering

    Nepal trek and tour with Volunteering

    As you know, Nepal is a developing country where millions of people are still under poverty. Our small givings to the marginalized community…

  • Yoga, meditation and trekking

    Yoga, meditation and trekking

    Trip style: Yoga, meditation and trekking Trip duration: 3 days - 2 months Best season: All year round Meals: Vegan (Ayurvedic) Accommodation: Basic…

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