Beyond the Stereotype of Agency 

NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT) is not just a legal company for tour and travel rather a team to uplift the traveling experiences of travelers, living standards of locals as well as nurture the planet in possible ways. As NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT) is aware of sustainable development (people, planet, and profit).

We care 

Health is the key to every adventure and blissfulness. NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT) arranges appropriate packages and itineraries to ensure health and safety touring as Nepal has a diverse geography that shows ranges of altitude leading to some health issues. Even some trails may be difficult and NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT) facilities make them cozy. Our reliable guide and porters leave no stone unturned to support clients through their services beyond any criteria. Client safety is NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT)’s priority.

Open to feedback and Ideas 

NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT) is a suitable companion for traveling which provides appropriate packages. Besides, it opens the floor for ideas as well as suggestions from clients or any stakeholder to make things better and beneficial for the people and the planet.

Standard Service

NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT) understands people hold different preferences, personalities, and styles which also influence the traveling choices and partners. So, there is no criterion in the number of people. You are alone or a huge gang. NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT) serves you in its best way. However, beforehand information is much preferred.

Supports Sustainable Society

NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT) is aware of a collaborative and cooperative society. It believes to support various aspects of society from people to planet. It is cooperating with NGOs to serve people in need (especially health and education) as well as to conserve Nepal Adventure Team (NAT). Interested visitors can do Nepal Adventure Team (NAT)e and work voluntarily visitors can do Nepal Adventure Team (NAT)e time, efforts, and funds to expand NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT)’s concept of a sustainable society. NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT) always ensures that each trek does not harm the Nepal Adventure Team (NAT) and society even in tiny ways such as appropriate disposal of waste even in rough and rural areas, aware travelers for right waste disposition and like. NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM (NAT) focuses on capturing the Nepal Adventure Team (NAT) are in memories and conserving in real. On the other hand, it encourages and gives priority to females to come up for the guide job so that they may lead, learn and be independent. It also supports the people who are differently able in hearing and talking to work as porter such that they travel, learn, utilizes their strength, and be independent.

Study Local Culture

Nepal upholds the diversity in a culture which showcases the variety of lifestyle. Our packages and services enable you to observe and enjoy a closer view of local culture. Similarly, we arrange the cultural program in such a way that if you are interested you can be involved in such activities as cultural dance, song, cooking, and like. Any trip cannot be separated from the cultural aspects of locals which makes the trip much more interesting and valuable.

Food and accommodation

Healthy food and hygienic accommodation are essential that support appropriate rest and energy for traveling. We have certain criteria to choose hotels and teahouse lodges so that they supply the standard service to travelers. Until we are satisfied with their service and sanitation process, we do not choose them for serving our client.

Support Female Guide Trend

Being an underdeveloped country, Nepal still has a certain unnecessary system as gender inequality where females are still domiNepal Adventure TEam (NAT)ed. Their capacity and skills to develop society and themselves go to vain, they just underestimate themselves and live with low self-esteem. Nepal Adventure Team suppresses such behavior and works to eradicate such a living style. In order to empower, build ladies’ confidence and encourage them to be independent, we offer jobs to females as a guide. This job enables them to deal with different people, learn and lead. Likewise, they realize their capacity of living beyond the four walls of the house and the skills that lift them up from dependent life. They realize their importance which raises their self-esteem to work not only for their family but for society and themselves. Female guide job is much more a learning platform to them.