The fifth highest mountain in the world at 8485 m, Makalu is located in the Mahalangur Himalayas southeast of Mount Everest. Sitting in the lap of a culturally and geographically mesmerizing country Nepal, Makalu is protected by the Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Project.

Makalu was first climbed by Lionel Terray and his team through the southwest ridge in 1954 and in time has become a climber’s paradise. As challenging to trek, the Makalu trekking route is one of the most adventurous and panoramically fascinating places on earth. The two famous trips in this region are namely Makalu Base Camp trek and the Makalu Sherpani Col trek.

Leading from high pastures to upper slopes and eventually into a valley blanketed in white, the Makalu base camp trekking has become a popular destination among many adventure lovers. The trek introduces the alpine zones of Arun and Barun Valley with exotic wildlife, rare vegetation, and herbal plantation.  The Makalu Base Camp trekking leads to an elevation of more than 4500m.

Makalu Sherpani Col trekking is another trip in the Makalu region that takes to elevations above 5500 m at Sherpani Col Base Camp. Passing several camps on the way, the Makalu Sherpani Col High Pass trek is longer and more challenging than the Makalu Base Camp trek, but both have acquired equal popularity over the years.

The main highlight of Makalu trekking is undoubtedly the views of Mount Makalu, Mount Everest, Mount Barunche, and Mount Lhotse.