Jungle Safari Tour is one of the thrilling sports here in Nepal, as you will be able to spot and take snaps of some of the rarest and endangered wild lives on the earth. The wild Jungle Safari trip is designed in such a way that you will be able to explore not only the lush jungle but also the diverse flora and fauna and be able to organize a number of other exhilarating sports such as Elephant back safaris, walking in the bush, bird watching and other types of recreational activities relating the Jungle. We bet that the enjoyment you get during the wild jungle safari here in Nepal is not possible in any other part of the world.

It is no doubt that a trip to Nepal is incomplete if you have not been on a jungle safari. While the mountains of the north boast some of the highest and most magnificent peaks in the world, the tropical jungle so the Terai still preserves some of the best wildlife habitats in the subcontinent. Some of these rich wildlife habitats are now protected and can be toured on elephant back, jeep drive, dugout canoe, or on foot accompanied by a licensed guide. There are 9-national parks, 4-wildlife reserves, and three conservation areas in the country, covering some 20 percent of the total geography of the country. These parks, reserves, and conservation areas are--Royal Chitwan National Park, Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Royal Bardia National Park, and Royal ShuklaPhanta wildlife reserve. Jungle safaris on elephant back or jeep rides are offered at the Parsa wildlife reserve, Bardiya national park, Chitwan National Park, and the Suklaphanta wildlife reserve.

Jungle safari tour in Nepal is one of the most popular sports in the country, and the trip is suitable for all walks of travelers but better suits those who are nature lovers and wish to explore the endangered birds and animals, species of flora, and fauna, and many more. Nepal's parks, reserves, and conservation areas are said to be home to over 850 species of birds (8 percent of the world's population), 2 percent of flowering plants in the world, over 500 species of butterflies, 600 indigenous plant families, 320 species of exotic orchid and many more. These all features are explicit enough why wild jungle safari is a popular and most demanded trip with us, the Nepal Adventure Team.