Humla trekking takes you to the untouched landscape of the Humla region located in the far western region in the Karnali zone border between Nepal and China blanketed with Tibetian, Buddhist, and Bon Po Culture. Humla is one of the remote regions and the access point for many mountaineering and trekking expeditions and is a great scope of trekking to the isolated and serene land of Nepal with unique flora and fauna.

At present, there are two main popular trekking destinations in the Humla region, namely, the Upper Humla Circuit trek and Limi Valley trek. Upper Humla Circuit takes you to the virgin land of Karnali passing through Nara Pass La at an elevation of 4560 while the Limi Valley trek takes an authentic unique village of Karnali passing through Nyalu La Pass at 4949 crossing the Limi River, Sali River, and Karnali River. Both the treks in the area offer panoramic views of Mount Kailash and Mount Saipal. You get to experience the unique Tibetan, Buddhism, and Bon Po cultures and capture the beautiful sight of the rare flora and fauna along the trail. You will also visit gompas like Yalbang, Laikyo, Richening, Namkha Khyung, and more.

Humla trekking is a great trekking destination for religious, adventure-seeking, and soul-seeking tourists. Humla region trekking Nepal is perhaps one of the most enticing and culturally vibrant expeditions to go to in spring and autumn.