Standing high through the high Himalayas yet down-to-earth cultures, Nepal offers the true meaning of diversity in both nature and culture. Nepal gives millions of reasons to cherish moments over here as Nepal is a tiny wild composition of diversified people, nature, and culture. You are never a stranger; you are a long-distance friend. Each awkwardness, nervousness in a new place for you is dissolved by simple Hello, Namaste of locals. You are surrounded with bundles of locals friends in no time yet let you enjoy each level of tranquility in your kind of places: hills, ridges, heritage sites, woods, plains, mountains, and cities. People are much more social yet respect privacy.

You can comfort yourself in luxurious hotels as well as in the homestay. Mostly, villages cover Nepal so you can find high luxury in cities only. Despite the lack of proper infrastructure, locals serve you in every possible way with available resources in the locality.

Basically, Nepal categorized into 3 regions: Himalaya, Hilly, and Terai as per geographical specialty and landscape.

The Himalaya region is enriched with high mountains with higher altitudes, chilly weather, and the origin of rivers. Whereas, Terai showcases the larger clear plains, woods, warmness, and fast-flowing calm rivers. In between, there is a hilly region connecting and balancing Himalaya and Terai. It gives a view of mighty mountains in North and larger grounds in South. With the geography, the culture and lifestyle vary among the locals. Personally, it would be tough to remember all these diversified languages, dress, cuisine, jewelry, dances, and traditions of Nepalese.

The exclusive and inimitable combination of nature, culture, and locals of Nepal makes it one of the most attractive travel destinations.