Nepal Adventure Team offers the best solution for the exchange of goods globally. We provide a fast, reasonable, and reliable logistics service in Nepal. Our cargo and courier services are reliable and fast. We have a partnership with one of Nepal’s best cargo services. There are certain policies and Laws in Nepal that you have to abide by for courier services. Courier Services from Nepal to any part of the world are available. We continuously track the packages so that they do not get lost along the way. We are mindful that your package is valuable to you, so we take good care of it.

You can consult with us about the dos and don’ts of products to be couriered. We have experts who have all the answers to your queries regarding cargo and courier service in Nepal. The shipping is done on the nearest shores in the neighboring country. It is then transferred to our agents and then to your choice of location. Whether you have to send/receive one package or many, Nepal Adventure Team will help you with the best service that is fast and reliable. We have had the experience of shipping packages around the world and it has been quite successful over the years. Cargo and Courier services are now provided by Nepal Adventure Team worldwide.