• Ria Sharma
    Rating Review by: Ria Sharma, India

    A Rejuvenating Trekking Experience

    The daily yoga sessions amidst such stunning landscapes were incredibly refreshing and grounding. The trek itself offered diverse scenery and the exhilaration of reaching the base camp.

  • Amitabh Singh
    Rating Review by: Amitabh Singh, India

    Nature's Splendor

    The Kakani Suryachaur Day Hike was an invigorating journey through some of Nepal's most beautiful landscapes. The trail was surrounded by vibrant flora and offered stunning views of the distant Himalayan peaks. The fresh mountain air and peaceful environment made the hike incredibly rejuvenating. The summit provided a perfect spot to relax and soak in the natural beauty.

  • Emma
    Rating Review by: Emma, Denmark

    Pedaling Through Beauty

    he route took us through lush green fields, traditional villages, and historic sites, providing stunning views and great photo opportunities. Our guide was friendly and informative, making the journey both enjoyable and educational. The combination of cycling and sightseeing offered a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

  • Marie Dupont
    Rating Review by: Marie Dupont, France

    Nature's Beauty at Its Best

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Phulchowki Day Hike! The trail was a perfect blend of moderate challenge and scenic beauty. Walking through dense forests, we encountered a variety of flora and fauna, which our guide explained in great detail. The hike took around 6 hours, including breaks to enjoy the surroundings and take photos. The view from the summit was breathtaking, offering a panoramic vista of the entire Kathmandu Valley.

  • Reetu Bharadwaj
    Rating Review by: Reetu Bharadwaj, India

    Breathtaking Views on the Muktinath Helicopter Tour!

    The Muktinath Helicopter Tour offered breathtaking views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. Landing at Muktinath Temple was a highlight, providing a spiritual and cultural experience. The temple's serene surroundings and the Himalayan backdrop made this tour truly special. The helicopter ride was equally impressive, offering more opportunities to enjoy Nepal's stunning landscapes. 

  • Sandiego
    Rating Review by: Sandiego, Spain

    Cultural and Scenic Adventure!!!!

    The Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Jeep Ride Tour was an extraordinary blend of cultural immersion and breathtaking landscapes. The journey through the remote Mustang region was an adventure in itself, with rugged terrains and stunning mountain views. The highlight, of course, was the Tiji Festival, where we witnessed vibrant traditional dances, colorful costumes, and ancient rituals in the medieval town of Lo Manthang. Our guide was exceptional, providing rich historical context and ensuring our comfort throughout the trip. The local food we enjoyed along the way was delicious and added to the authentic experience. This tour offered a unique glimpse into the fascinating culture of Upper Mustang, making it a truly unforgettable journey.

  • Hannah Evans
    Rating Review by: Hannah Evans, United Kingdom

    Cultural Extravaganza!!

    Witnessing the vibrant Tiji Festival in Lo Manthang was an experience like no other, with its colorful rituals and dances against the backdrop of stunning Himalayan landscapes. The trek itself was challenging yet rewarding, offering breathtaking views and unique cultural encounters.

  • Dixie
    Rating Review by: Dixie, United Kingdom

    Cultural Delight on Wheels!

    The jeep ride through the stunning landscapes of Upper Mustang was both exciting and comfortable. Attending the Tiji Festival was the highlight, with its mesmerizing rituals and performances in the ancient city of Lo Manthang. This tour was a fantastic journey that blended adventure and cultural discovery.