Ultra-light aircraft are unique on-air flying sports operated mainly in Pokhara. This sport is regarded to be a unique blend of adventure. Nepal Adventure Team has designed this Ultra-light Aircraft trip in such a way that in which you will have an opportunity to have superb views of the majestic mountains and incredible landscapes of the picturesque Pokhara valley, lakes in the bellow. This is a truly unique experience. You will have a range of options for having ultra-light Aircraft. You can have a short or long flight depending upon your interest and bravery. The shortest flight about 15 min flight, which takes you over Pokhara city, Phewa lake near the Sarankot hills, over the Buddha monastery, and the south side of the city. This short flight will give you a panoramic view of the whole Annapurna range also alongside Mt. Dhaulagiri Himalayan range, from distance.

You also can have 30 mins. a flight that takes you slightly higher and further. You will fly over the Tibetan refugee camp and as far as Lamachour, on the northern part of the valley. The view is a really superb one. Likewise, you also can have one hour fight. It is really a superb trip and a memorable one. This trip takes you over the city of Pokhara, Phewa Lake and also near Sarankot hill, over the Buddhist Monastery on the south side of the city, as well as the Tibetan refugee camp and passes Lamachour to the north, and the view is really amazing and the experience a memorable in your lifetime.