The Himalayan country Nepal has been surrounded by the giant nations- China and India. It is a tiny landlocked country with diversity in various aspects. This country is famous as the birth land of Lord Buddha and the country of Mt. Everest (8848m). It is a god gifted country for the mountaineering, trekking, and travelling. The northern part of Nepal is connected with Tibet. It is bordered with the airborne peaks. The middle hill regions are surrounded by the green hills and sub-tropical forests. The plain land or the southern part of Nepal is also known as the food storage. Cultivated lands are prevailed there. Tropical forests and grassy meadows can be found there. There are 125 ethnic groups in Nepal along with the Brahmins and Chhetriyas. They live with a bond of harmony. They even belong to different religious groups, but have mutual understanding. Hindu is the main religion with Buddhism and Christianity.