Homestay accommodations are a form of tourism and or lodging for visitors who sleep at the residence of the host family in a locality. Homestay is a huge part of the hospitality industry in Nepal due to the flourishing tourism and the beautiful villages scattered around. The visitors rent the residence of the host family while they are traveling from one country to another. The duration of the homestay depends upon the nature of the travel. Some visitors stay for a brief period for tourism purposes while others stay for a long time for official or academic work.

In Nepal, Homestays have gained huge popularity particularly for being a part of tourism. The abundant resources and natural beauty of Nepal automatically attract tourists from across the world. However, many tourists prefer to take Homestay and Village tours to get an authentic Nepali vibe.

Homestay and village tour is famous all across Nepal due to the many villages speckled around the geographical regions. These homestay and village tours in Nepal give you the authentic vibe of Nepal that you can’t experience elsewhere in the world.

In Nepal, we note with pride that a Guest is as equal to God. Thus we have a deeper worth of a Guest. Nepal treats its guests with utmost warmth and the highest respect. Homestays have gained popularity over time because tourists who enter Nepal and have experienced homestays feel warm and welcomed by the local communities which only makes their tour extra special.

One of the main reasons for you to take homestay and village tours in Nepal is to understand the culture and way of life of the different communities in Nepal. Homestay and village tours in Nepal are beneficial for both the host and the guest.

Homestay is the best option if you are planning on minimizing your lodging cost. You will also get the local perspective about traveling within the city or area which is much more valuable than what you have read in the guidebooks and seen on the internet. Homestays teach a great deal about the day-to-day lifestyle of the local communities and you also get to stay in their unique houses where you might find unique and traditional objects.

Homestay is not just valuable to you as a visitor but to the host families as well. Opting for a homestay in Nepal will largely help to enhance the economic condition of the local communities. It is also a sense of pride for many local communities to welcome foreign guests for a homestay in Nepal. Your decision to take a homestay on your Next visit to Nepal will also help enhance tourism in such local communities. In a sense, you will share your knowledge of the world you know and will also receive various information about Nepal and the local communities particularly. This sharing of culture and knowledge will make your tour even more exciting and valuable.

Furthermore, homestays will teach you the way of sharing among friends and family. At the end of the visit, you will have extended family and friends here in Nepal. Locals will give you proper guidance on where you should travel and what places you need to visit. You can lean towards the host for providing you on-hand experience and guidance about your traveling choices in Nepal.

Some of the best homestays and village tours across Nepal are known to be Lapha Family Homestay, Bandipur village tour, Ghale Gaun Homestay, Kathmandu Homestay, Balthali homestay Tour, Kapan Village Homestay, and Chitlang Homestay from among hundreds of others.