Travelling leads to the dancing heart on the beat of happiness and inner peace. However, traveling sometimes unknowingly invites accidents that result in the loss of health, life, or property. Thus, as a traveler, one should secure oneself from the possible loss and damages through travel insurance.

Especially, while trekking in Nepal trails oaths is enlightened to high altitude. There are short and lower altitude trails. Conversely, if you are heading towards high altitude destination, you should know the weather is unpredictable causing difficulty during the trek. Specifically, insurance in Nepal does not cover the excursion at high altitude so it is much fruitful for you to do insurance in your native country.

Highly backward and underdeveloped rural areas are also incorporated in trekking trails. These places may lack basic development infrastructure facilities and any unwanted situations are difficult to handle. The quick and advanced rescue can be operated with the support of travel insurance. Overall, travel insurance is a must which would compensate for any loss that occurred during travel from unpleasant incidents. We highly recommend you have travel insurance.