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Food in Nepal

Food in Nepal

One most important thing every trekker should know before they embark on a journey to the mountains in Nepal; even before knowing people and their ways, possible weather conditions, etc, i.e. Dal Bhat. Dal (lentils) Bhat (rice) is nearly everyday eaten food by Nepalese people. It’s the major food all over the country. More importantly, as an easy going food and nutritiously balanced, it is mainly eaten in all of the trekking and climbing stops. As is very popular in Nepalese saying, Dal Bhat Power is the best while you are travelling.

How is it eaten?

Dal Bhat generally consists of dal (lentils), bhat (rice), curry (meat or vegetable varieties) and pickle (achar / chutney). The dal is mixed with bhat (either by hand - Nepalese way or by spoon and fork) while curry plus achaar added to it and eaten.

Easy to carry and cook

Carrying a small amount is enough that will last for the days to come. A small eater can eat as much as 2 cups of rice per day and 2 cups of lentil per week so it will be an easy feat to carry the supplies. Next important thing is to cook the Dal Bhat. As so simple the name is and so is the cooking. What you just need is 3 separate pots for Dal, Bhat and curry, some water, little bit of salt and addition spices you like. Final thing is the curry of choice.

Interesting, isn't’ it! Once you get the taste of it, you will love to keep hunting for the right taste since you'll get different taste of dal bhat everywhere you go. Next time you drop by a Nepalese or Indian restaurant, why not asking for the recipe or simply ordering for the cooked meal! Always stay tuned with Nepal Adventure Team to study deeper into the Nepalese lifestyles, cultures, traditions and much more.

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