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Hotel in Nepal

Hotel in Nepal

So you’re coming to Nepal and the agent has quoted you with 2 prices, normal hotel and 3 star hotel based. You think to yourself why is such a big difference in prices? Let us clarify you about these 2 different kinds of hotels.

Difference between normal and 3 star hotel

NORMAL HOTEL: Clean, comfortable yet simple hotel. It seems normal or budget hotel has the basic kind of room structure and even the internal finishing. The rooms are small, simple with bed, simple attached bathroom, wardrobe, washing basin, etc. The hotel won’t be spacious enough to have a safari around. Other amenities apart from café / restaurant and reception, it’s hard to find in such hotels. One can tell the difference even from the moment of entering the hotel for the first time.

3 STAR HOTEL: In contrast, 3 star hotels are large, spacious and elegant. The rooms are stylishly decorated. All rooms have their own shower and toilet, a writing table and chair, a telephone, TV, central heating, cooler and even body care products. Other services or amenities include room service, luggage handling, drinking bars, recreational facilities, indoor health or fitness centers, etc.

Which one is the better idea?

It depends on the preference of the guests. You see, people have different tastes. Some might like to stay in a normal hotel and spend money in other things while some might like to stay in luxury hotel and spend less outside. So, we will leave that decision up to you.

Fig: Normal Hotel

Fig: 3 star hotel

There are varieties of hotels either normal or 3 star hotels in Nepal offering various amenities which also comes with different prices. But basically, 3 star hotels are far luxurious than the normal hotels. Hope you won’t get surprised when you are charged with quiet higher price for your hotel next time. Keep in mind ‘What you pay for is what you get.’


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