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Upper Mustang trek leads to the hidden world of Upper Mustang from Jomsom towards the holy Muktinath amidst arid lands. Upper Mustang is one of the most demanded tour destinations among both Nepali and non-Nepali travelers due to the aspect of losing yourself and gaining plain solitude amidst varying geographies. The trek takes you to the lovely villages of Kagbeni, lo-Mathang as you walk alongside the Kaligandaki river while the views of Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri and Annapurna never leave your side.

The wonderful journey begins from the Kathmandu from where you take a scenic drive towards the naturally enticing city of Pokhara. As you reach to Jomsom through a flight, you immediately spot the change in geography as the land becomes dry. Passing through Kagbeni you eventually reach Lo-Mathang after stops in many other places. Lo-Mathang at 3700m reflects the entire upper mustang. You eventually return back to Jomsom with your heart filled with satisfaction and tranquility. 

Savoring the wonderful vistas and relaxing in the local settlements of Upper Mustang is the true treasure of the trek. Nepal Adventure Team has set the perfect Upper Mustang itinerary for the perfect getaway in the Mustang region.

Highlights-What to expect?

Tour Duration: 17 days

  • Trek Duration:10 days
  • Tour location: Mustang Region
  • Destination: Jomsom, Kagbeni, Lo-Mathang
  • Beginning Altitude: 1400 m at Kathmandu
  • Highest Elevation: 3840m at Lo-Mathang, 3950 at Nyi-La Pass
  • Experience the villages of Mathang, Kagbeni, and Tingkar
  • Mesmerizing views of Nilgiri Range and Annapurna Range
  • Explore the world’s deepest gorge- Kali Gandaki Gorge
  • Visit monasteries, temples, and caves
  • Visit Red Thubchen Gompa, Chyodi Gompa, and Namgyal Gompa in Lo

Upper Mustang Trek Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu via respective airlines.
Day 02: Preparation day in Kathmandu
Day 03: Drive to Pokhara (860 m) 220 km - 06 hours.
Day 04: Morning fly to Jomsom (2,715 m) and trek to Kagbeni (2858 m) - 04 hours.
Day 05:Trek to Chele / Tsele (3,050 m) - 06 hours.
Day 06: Trek to Syangbochen (3,475m) - 05 hours.
Day 07: Trek to Ghaymi (3,520 m) - 06 hours.
Day 08:Trek to Charang / Tsarang (3,500 m) - 05 hours.
Day 09: Trek to Lo - Manthang (3,700 m) - 05 hours.
Day 10: At Lo - Manthang for local exploration and excursion.
Day 11: Trek to Drakmar (3810 m) - 05 hours.
Day 12: Trek to Ghiling (3,806 m) - 06 hours.
Day 13: Trek to Chhuksang / Tsusang (3,050 m) - 05 hours.
Day 14: Trek to Jomsom (2, 715 m) - 04 hours.
Day 15: Fly to Pokhara and transfer to hotel.
Day 16: Drive back to Kathmandu - 06 hours.
Day 17: International departure


Upper Mustang Trek Permit:

The permits required by non-Nepalese for Upper Mustang trek are:

•    Restricted Area Permit of US$ 500 per person for 10 days at Upper Mustang and US$ 50 per person after 10 days.
•    ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) permit of $ 30 per person if the trip goes through the Annapurna Circuit.
•    For SAARC countries the ACAP permit costs Nrs. 1000 per person and Nrs 100 for Nepalese people. 

You can consult with the Nepal Adventure Team agents regarding the trip permit.

Upper Mustang Trek Map:

The map below showcases the Upper Mustang trekking route including the one we have described in the itinerary:

This is not the only map used for Upper Mustang trekking since there are alternative routes to Upper Mustang trek depending on the duration, season, and side trails. You can also view Google map for Upper Mustang trek by clicking on the link below:

Upper Mustang Trek Cost

The cost of the entire trip may depend largely on factors like the duration, transportation mode and the season you are traveling. If you are an international tourist then you will have higher costs due to the flight fees. Also if you are planning to fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara and to Jomsom then it will cost you more. The total estimated cost of the trip starts from around $2215 per person for 10 days of the trek and 2 days of driving. It includes all the fees for domestic transportation, food and accommodation, and basic necessities. The price may go up as per the facilities requested by you including extending the trip.

Mode of Transportation

The Upper Mustang transportation is generally through flights and drive. The international tourists will have to take a flight from their respective countries to Nepal. Upon reaching Kathmandu the transportation will be through a taxi. Then you may take a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara or drive in a private or public vehicle. You will then have to either fly or drive from Pokhara to Jomsom. Generally, the option of flight is chosen. The rest of the tour is trekking and hiking. While returning from Jomsom to Pokhara to Kathmandu you can use the same mode of transportation as earlier.

Accommodation in Upper Mustang Trek and all Trip

The accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara is in 3 or five-star hotels where you will find all the basic and luxurious facilities. From Jomsom to Lo-Mathang, the accommodation is in Lodges and tea house. You can expect decent facilities in these areas. You will have full board trek on lodges on twin sharing basis. However, if you want a single room then the cost will be slightly higher. You will be provided only the basic necessities for the trek. Also, you will be charged extra if you want to use a hot shower in many tea houses. As you go to higher altitudes the availability of accommodation facilities will be thin. So, it is best if you hire a Nepali guide if you are a non-Nepali tourist. The guide will negotiate with the locals.

Food and Drinks

In Kathmandu and Pokhara you will stay at five or three-star hotels where you will get all the facilities that you desire. So you can expect luxurious food and drinks. However, from Jomsom onwards to Upper Mustang the availability of food and drinks will be thin. You will be given decent food. The staple food of Nepali- Dal, Bhat, and Tarkari mostly. Also in many areas in Upper Mustang, you will be offered the authentic meal. The facilities here aren’t as best as in Kathmandu and Pokhara but are decent.

Checklist-What will you need?

An important thing to note is that you should not bring any unnecessary equipment with you while you travel to Nepal. The necessary equipment can be hired here in Kathmandu and Pokhara. The following equipment and clothing are necessary for your trek.

  • Travel documents and passport size photos
  • Woolen/cotton socks (6-8 pairs)
  • Gloves ( 2 pairs)
  • T-shirts/ shirts (4-6 pcs)
  • Trousers (2-3 sets)
  • Windproof warm outer trouser (1)
  • Shorts/tracksuit
  • Fleece jacket and Down jacket
  • Light shoes or sandal to wear inside guesthouse (1 pair)
  • Cap (for the day), Woolen hat (for evenings and mornings)
  • Small and large towels
  • Water bottle
  • Sun/snow glasses
  • Walking poles
  •  First Aid kit
  •  Raincoat
  •  Torch/flashlights
  •  Penknife/ Swiss Army knife
  • Scarf/mask
  • Your own size Helmet (hired)
  • Duffle bags (carried by porters or animals)
  • Rucksack/ backpack (hired, kept inside jeep)
  • Personal hygiene products and toiletries
  • Wide brimmed hat (great for protecting your head, face from the sun)

Upper Mustang Trek Duration

Upper Mustang trek duration generally lasts between 14 to 17 days. The duration of this trek depends upon your wish to extend your tour days, a rest day is taken for acclimatization and the starting point of the trek. If you are staying in Pokhara then generally the Upper Mustang trek distance from Pokhara is nearer and will take less time. You can consult with our Nepal Adventure Team agents regarding the duration of the trek in the customizable package.

Upper Mustang Trek Guide and Porter

Guide are Nepali people who are experts in the trekking region of your respective trek. They are very helpful in negotiating with the locals, handling difficult situations if there arises any, and also giving you directions and advice when necessary. Porters are Nepalese people whom you can hire on demand to carry your luggage throughout the trek. The porters make it easier for you to trek without the burden of your heavy bags.

The Upper Mustang trek is considered to be a moderate to difficult trek, so the need of a Porter and or a guide is necessary if you are a Non-Nepali tourist. The language barrier and physical unsuitability can also be a problem during treks thus guides and porters are best for these kinds of treks. Also, when you take a guide and porter along with you, you will be doing a social work of providing employment opportunity to a person and supporting their economic need.

Safety and Security

Upper Mustang trek is a popular trekking destination among internal as well as external tourists, so you will find fellow trekkers on the way all-round the year. You should not worry about safety issues while walking with our guides and porters wince they will keep you safe. It is best advised not to travel alone. We have known of a few political instability issues in Nepal lately, however, it has least affected the security of the trekker in Nepal. The tourism board in Nepal makes sure that all the tourists have the utmost safety during their stay in Nepal. Our team members including the guides and porters will help you in any case of uncertainty whether it is natural disasters or political instability.

The locals on the trail towards the Upper Mustang are also very friendly and helpful. It is also advised that you travel through a taxi or a tourist bus since they are safer alternatives to traveling here in Nepal. This also helps if you cannot stand traffic jam and chaotic and overcrowded vehicles.  It is suggested that you avoid political rallies and that you keep a day or two in case of inconvenience. However, it is safe to say that our agency will keep your safety and security in mind. Since Mustang region is a long way from Kathmandu, you must separate a day or so in case of inconvenience from natural or political issues. You will only have to prepare yourself with all the necessary equipment and documents and follow the rules set by the tourism board and you are good to go. 

Upper Mustang Trek Altitude

You will be beginning your tour from Kathmandu which is at an elevation of 1400 m. Then you will fly towards Jomsom. Jomsom is the beginning of your trek, it is at an elevation of 2715 m. The highest altitude of the trip is Nyi-La pass at 3950 m and Lo Mathang at an elevation of 3840 m. It is wise to take precaution and set a day for acclimatization since you might suffer from altitude sickness at an altitude above 3500 m. The itinerary set by our agency is best suited to avoid such sicknesses as far as possible.

Upper Mustang Trek Best Season

The best season for Upper Mustang trek is known to be spring and autumn. Spring and autumn season are the best trekking seasons in Nepal. The views are more clear in these seasons than others. Also, you are less likely to be a victim of heavy snowfall or rain during this period. During the winter season, the trail will be full of heavy snow in the higher altitude above 3000 m. This might cause a problem since the trail might be lost and slippery. Also, you will have to pack a lot of warm clothes which will add to your bag pack. During the summer season, walking will be difficult due to the scorching heat.

Upper Mustang trek weather is best from April, May, June, September, October, November. To avoid bad weather conditions it is best that you trek in spring and autumn. During this time the weather is ideal for trekking. Also, the weather is less likely to affect the flight to and from Jomsom.

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty

The Upper Mustang trek difficulty is generally considered to be moderate to difficult. Prior experience of trekking is necessary for the Upper Mustang trek itinerary. It is necessary that you take part in physical activities like swimming, hiking, running, and walking as far as possible before the trek. You will have to walk for around 5 to 7 hours per day. The trail will take you uphill and downhill. If you have pre-existing medical conditions then it is vital that you provide your medical reports and share it with our team. Altitude sickness is common among trekkers as you go above 3000m which will add to the difficulty. Thus it is necessary to acclimatize during the trek and to be prepared beforehand. Upper Mustang Trek itinerary formed by our team is properly drafted considering the trek difficulty.


Upper Mustang trek is one of the most remarkable and adventurous treks here in Nepal. The Upper Mustang trek Nepal promises natural beauty, authentic Nepali vibe, and the introduction to the former kingdom of Lo. Taking up to 10 days of trekking, the trip takes you to Lo-Manthang at an altitude of 3840 m, Nyi La Pass at an elevation of 3950m, introducing you to the beautifully protected cultures and traditions of the Sherpas. Also, you get a chance to view the magnificent Mountain ranges of Nilgiri and Annapurna which is more than what you can ask. If you are interested in similar kind of experiences we have the perfectly drafted Nepal Motor Bike tour to Upper Mustang and Jomsom Muktinath Trekking in the Mustang Region. We, at Nepal Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd., have formed a well-constructed Upper Mustang trek itinerary so that you have an enjoyable trip with the optimum safety.

For further inquiry regarding the package Upper Mustang Trekking, you may contact us through our live chat, mail, or telephone. We are available 24/7 to provide you the travel experience in Nepal.


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