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Visit Nepal 2020

Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal is a land of wonders which is again and again proven by the varied geography, unique cultures, and extraordinary biodiversity intermingled to form a harmonious and unified nation. From majestic mountains to serene valleys, Nepal has it all concerning tourism. Tourism in Nepal has been booming since a long time traced back in history. With the new infrastructure, it has become easier for people to access Nepal and excavate its untouched beauty.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has planned to organize “Visit Nepal Year” in 2020 to attract tourists and also to make the world aware that Nepal is open to tourism and it is safe to visit Nepal. After the completion of the construction and expansion projects of international and domestic airports, heritage sites, and tourism infrastructure by 2020, the “Visit Nepal Year” will kick off in grand attire. It is up to all of us to make “Visit Nepal 2020” initiative a huge success.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Nepal in 2020

1.    Mount Everest- the Highest Mountain on Earth

Perhaps the most obvious highlight of Nepal tour is the view of the highest mountain above sea level on Earth, Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest, at an elevation of 8848 m has been an attraction to many mountaineers and trekking enthusiasts ever since it was successfully ascended by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. The charm of Nepal is also added by high standing snowcapped mountains of over 7000 m including Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Malau, Cho Oyu, Annapurna Massif, and more.

2.    Birthplace of Lord Buddha

Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha - the light of Asia. Lumbini located in Rupandehi District of Nepal is considered the place where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam, who later became Lord Buddha after enlightenment. It is a holy pilgrimage site for Buddhists and is a safe haven for peace lovers who seek solitude.

3.    Wildlife

In regards to biodiversity, Nepal is probably the Amazon of Asia. Among various unturned treasures in Nepal is its flora and fauna. There are a number of new species of plants and animals being discovered each year. Out of the entire world, Nepal has 8 % of the total species of birds, 6% of the rhododendron species, 2% of Orchids and 2.4% of flowering plants. More than 250 species of flowering plants found in Nepal are found nowhere else in the world. This is a haven for botanists!

4‚Äč.    National Parks

Nepal has a lot of forested lands which has been legally termed as the protected areas of Nepal. Nepal has 12 National parks and six conservation areas. Among the national parks in Nepal, Chitwan National Park is probably the most visited because it is home to a large number of one-horned Rhino Snow leopard and Royal Bengal Tiger.

5.    Food in Nepal

Nepalese cuisine is one of the most delicious and unique cuisines in the world based upon ethnicity, geography, and cultural diversity. Dal-Bhat-Tarkari which is an amalgamation of Lentils, spices, boiled rice, and vegetable curry is the staple diet of Nepalese. Ther unique dishes include Dhido, different kinds of pickles, Mo: Mo(dumplings), Sel Roti, Chhoyla, Kwati, SapuMhicha, Kinema, etc., are some of the food Nepalese make and eat during various occasions. A foodie can be lost in the delicacies found in Nepal.

6.    Kathmandu- the city of temples

Kathmandu is known for its rich architecture and cultural heritage sites. Kathmandu valley alone houses 7 World Heritage Sites. Pashupatinath, Swoyambunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, are among the religious sites which receive thousands of pilgrims and visitors all year round.

7.    Festival of dogs, cows, and crows

Nepal is rich in culture and unique lifestyle. Nepalese have found unity in diversity. Kathmandu is a living and breathing museum of cultures. There is a festival which celebrates cows, dogs, and crows. Nepal treats cows as domestic animals which are never consumed because they are believed to be the form of Goddess Laxmi. Kumari who is considered to be the only living goddess in the world is worshipped in Nepal.

8.    Lakes

Nepal is home to numerous lakes since it is a country with lots of water sources. While Phoksundo in Dolpa is the deepest lake, Tilicho at 4949m in Manang is the highest lake in Nepal. Mesmerizing lakes such as Gokyo, Rara, Gosaikunda, PanchPokhari add to the beauty of Nepal.

9.    Kali Gandaki Gorge- deepest gorge of the world

The fascinating Kali Gandaki Gorge, located in Dolpa is known to be the deepest gorge in the world at a floor elevation of 2520 m. It separates Dhaulagiri on the west and Annapurna on the east. The Kali Gandaki flowing swiftly below gives a sense of adventure and rush.

10.    Rivers

From between mountains, amidst valleys, and lowlands, one of the common aspects in the topography of Nepal is the rivers that flow from east to west. While Koshi is the largest in Nepal, Karnali is the longest, and Narayani is the deepest. Other rivers including Rapti, Kamala, Seti, Bagmati, and many more are collectively known as the white gold in Nepal.

The above are all the reasons why you need to visit Nepal. Every year you will find new things about Nepal whether it is regarding culture, geography, biodiversity or lifestyle. If you are an adventurist, you can indulge in cannoning, paragliding, mountain biking, rafting, bungee jumping, mountaineering, trekking, and more. If you are a food maniac, the cuisines in Nepal from the Himalayan region, to the hills, and Terai, you will find your mouth full, and your heart delighted. If you are a pilgrim, you can visit thousands of cultural heritage sites, and find solitude and peace. Nepal welcomes you to any adventure, fun, and vacation. Visit Nepal in 2020 and as much as you can, because once is not enough!

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