Nepal Adventure Team is a responsible travel, tour and trekking operator who believes every small givings to the society will have the significant impact in the society and will help in changing the lives of the people in some ways. We try to cover as many areas as possible such as health, education, environment protection, social awareness, and more as our effort to support and help our society.

Nepal Adventure Team is formed of such a responsible group of members who always think of doing something more for the well being of the society and for the upliftment of the lifestyle of rural and deprived peoples. Let us describe more about what we do and and how we do with the examples of the social welfare we’ve done during and before or after earthquake.


Lack of education and lack of proper government approach in the remote areas of Nepal are the main reasons behind the health problems among the people in there. There are still so many remote places in Nepal where the people are not getting even the basic facilities that a human being needs and suffering from several health related disorders and premature death due to a simple health problems. To make the matters worse, the last year earthquake has grounded so many peoples’ settlements to add their misery. So keeping this all in our mind, we are planning to work out something  to solve or to reduce the problem in  those communities. That’s been in our priority list 'to be done' in 2017.


This is the sector which we have already worked for and planning to make it more intense since the education plays the most important role in the society. Since there’s so many of deprived communities where they can’t even afford simple meals a day, education is a far cry for them. As a caring and a responsible company, we care for these childrens. Therefore , providing the education materials like books, copies and pencils and establishing a school for the places  where necessary, has been done and being planned to carry on in the coming times.

Fig: The grounded school being re-built  step by step by the team after the earthquake in Nuwakot district.

In the recent time, the situation has worsened more because of earthquake. Many lives were lost and many kids orphaned and became homeless. We have been raising  the funds so that we can get back to those affected areas and help rebuild the destroyed schools.


We, in Nepal Adventure Team believe that nature is our home too and we have to look after it now matter how and when. With that said, we train our staffs to always act environment friendly and advice our clients not to do anything that will hamper the environment either physically or socially.

While on the tour, we have set the rules not to leave a single waste on the spot and dispose off immediately in the right place. Communicating with the guides and locals before going anywhere is advisable. We discourage everyone even to the locals not to do anything like throwing a plastic in the soil or anything that can possibly bring  the environmental degradation. We’ve been planning to organize different social awareness program regarding the environmental knowledge in the villages that lie in the trekking routes.

Social Awareness

Many parts of Nepal is still far behind in the context of health, education and other primary concerns. This is all because of the poverty that is prevalent in the country and the weak government system that overlooks the situation of the countrymen. Hence, we, as a responsible travel, tour and trekking operator we are trying to reach to the people and send the positive message to all of them. People still believe in the taboos and other conventional beliefs that they don’t know of what’s the better way to do it and they are suffering.

Therefore we have been organizing various campaigns to create the social awareness and to change their living ways and their lifestyles from the beginning of the days we started our business. For example, we did one in Nuwakot village recently and so we will keep working on it until the day the people will be entirely aware.

Post-quake relief

Last year, darkest time in the Nepalese history, in the earthquake, we lost so many of our Nepalese brothers and sisters. We extended our deepest heartily sympathies to the bereaved families and not only we watched by when everyone was shedding tears for the losses, we took a step ahead to help the people in need.

We worked hand in hand with the local people and with other interested parties to provide relief to the earthquake victims. Re-building schools, temporary settlements, providing sacks of food supplies and couple of pairs of blankets and mattresses to every household were all initiated by us and successfully performed with the help of all the villagers. For the few months, we were busy in supplying foods and tents to the affected villagers. We built a library for the school, and bought the books and other supplies needed to rebuild the school and also to rebuild the temporary settlements.

Henceforth and even today, we are still helping them people to carry on normal with their lives and providing them enormous supports and assistance.

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  • Volunteer

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