Dhaulagiri Trekking Region

The Dhaulagiri Massif bounded on the north and southwest by Bheri River comprised of Dhaulagiri I which is the seventh highest mountain on Earth. Still regarded as one of the most challenging and formidable peaks to climb, Dhaulagiri was first climbed successfully by a Swiss/Austrian/Nepali expedition in 1960. Dhaulagiri means dazzling, white, and beautiful mountain in Sanskrit.

Dhaulagiri region is most famous for its Dhaulagiri Base Camp and hidden valley trekking. Nestled in between vegetation of Juniper, Burberry and rhododendron are the views of profound Dhaulagiri’s south-west face. Dhaulagiri trek takes you to an elevation of over 5000m at French Pass. Dhaulagiri region offers panoramic views of SitaChuchura, MuktiHimal, Tukche Peak, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri I. A scenic walk down the hidden valley is what makes the trek all the more exciting. Dhaulagiri region with all its peaks has been the plot for many books throughout history due to the genuinely mesmerizing beauty standing up to its name.

The spectacular views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri on two sides with Kali Gandaki flowing in between and into the world’s deepest gorge; Kaligandaki Gorge is perhaps what attracts so many trekkers and adventurers.  From emerald green wilderness to utter white blankets, the Dhaulagiri Trekking region is one of the most spectacular places to land.

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