Can I Extend My Stay?

Of course, you can extend, if you feel like you don’t have enough celebration then there is another important and second biggest festival which is called Tihar, a festival of lights.

How Hard is the Dashain Festival Tour?

This is a moderate type of tour. Dashain Festival Tour can be done with your family too. This is a delightful tour that doesn’t require a copious amount of physical pain.

What Kind of Food Can I Expect?

When you are in Kathmandu, a variety of meals are available in hotels. While living with a local family, you will have a special Nepali cuisine, which includes rice, lentil soup, roti, and achaar (pickles).

What are other Interesting Things To Do?

If you want to get photographed in a Magar dress, male or female, we can arrange that. You can enjoy the traditional dance performance of Magar inhabitants.

How Expensive is this Dashain Festival Tour?

It is a budget-friendly tour so; you don’t have to worry about the budget. There would be no hidden cost besides the cost you pay for this tour.

What is “Homestay” Trekking?

Homestay Trekking is the perfect opportunity to observe and experience the traditions, culture, and lifestyle of local people. While staying with a local family, you can live life like a local, try some traditional food, and gather cultural information.

Why is the Dashain Important in Nepal?

Dashain is one of the grandest festivals of Nepal which is celebrated full of life, and enthusiasm. Dashain symbolizes victory and is celebrated for the triumph of good over evil.

When is the Dashain Festival in Nepal?

The Dashain Festival in Nepal will be celebrated in October. The main important day of Dashain is on around 15th October which is called Bijaya Dashami or Dashain Tika.

For How Many Days Dashain is Celebrated?

Dashain is celebrated for 15 days. The first nine days of Dashain are called Navaratri, and the main day of the Dashain celebration is known as Bijaya Dashami. The Dashain continues for five additional days.

Which specific days of the Dashain are we going to celebrate during the Dashain Festival Tour?

We will celebrate the most festive days of the Dashain festival. However, all days of the Dashain are special but during the tours, you will celebrate Phulpati, Asthami, Navami, and the main important day of the Dashain festival which is known as Bijaya Dashami. Which are the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth days of the Dashain festival respectively.

Do I Carry My Luggage?

We don’t offer porterage service during the Dashain Festival Tour. We recommend you carry a comfortable backpack and make sure it is light!

Why book with the Nepal Adventure Team?

Nepal Adventure Team creates treks and tours with profound experience and decades-long expertise. We will help you to find treks and tours that match your trekking style. Not only that we provide top-notch service for our clients that’s why we are the best in town.

Can you customize my Dashain Festival Tour?

Of course! We can customize your Dashain Festival Tour. We will be glad to design this tour as per your preferences and choices.

Does the guide speak English?

Yes, our government license holder and the experienced guide do speak fluent English.

Where can I store my luggage during the Trek?

You can store your additional luggage at the company office, we also provide a Baggage storage service in Nepal.