Nepal Adventure Team aims for the unified development of travelers, society and oneself. We welcome our travelers from entire globe. Each unique traveler has unique requirements and we tend to attend. Addressing female guide requirement of travelers, we arrange female guide as per request.

Besides, being an underdeveloped country, Nepal still has certain unnecessary system as gender inequality where female are still dominated. Female are still treated as the thing that must be limited to the four walls of house and always involve with household chores. They are regarded as the symbol of weakness and entirely depend upon their man and family. Even for the pennies they need to request their man or family members. Overall, the word of man determines the decision and happiness of women in day to day life. This kind of lifestyle of women in Nepal seizes their freedom. Their capacity and skills to develop society and themselves goes to vain, they just underestimate themselves and live with low self esteem.

Nepal Adventure Team suppresses such behavior and works to eradicate such living style. In order to empower, build ladies’ confidence and encourage them to be independent, we offer job to females as a guide. This job enables them to deal with different people, learn and lead. Likewise, they realize their capacity of living beyond the four walls of house and the skills that lift them up from dependent life. They realize their importance which raises their self esteem to work not only for their family but for society and themselves. Female guide job is much more a learning platform to them. Likewise, Nepal Adventure Team becomes close to its sustainable development for the people and planet.