Whether you are in group or you are on your own, we are available all the time to assist you for your EBC helicopter tour. To confirm the group joining for 1-3 pax, go to our Departure Details section below in our website. If you are paxs of 4 to 5 or above in the group, use our Custom Online Booking system.

For your group joining tour you will be mixed with other group and charged according to the prices as mentioned in above table for EBC tour cost for 2019.If you are in group, we will need to provide us the total number of people in a group and total body weight of each individual. We can help calculate the total cost for this tour for your group.

If you have any queries regarding EBC helicopter tour, please drop us an email at [email protected] or simply give us a call anytime for any help at +977 9851234322.