Our Team

  • Jeeban Thapa Magar

    Jeeban Thapa Magar

    Founder and Director

    He is the founder of Nepal Adventure Team. He had started trekking since a young age from 2001 and opened this company formally in 2014. He had his experiences and trainings from the Nepal Ministry of Culture & Tourism as well as the Civil Aviation from the Government of Nepal.

    He graduated top of his class and made himself well educated with reading maps, administering first-aid, trekking to remote areas and also learning what it takes to be an ideal rock and climbing guide. With all those experienced background, he saw so many weaknesses in the tourism industry and thought of opening one by himself carrying an objective of changing the horizon of Nepal tourism. He also wants to keep practicing his love for the travel and trekking via the company while leading the travelers to the amazing world out there. Moreover, his motto is to create the local job opportunities attracting more visitors to the country so no youth would leave the mother country with the mere hope of finding something better when all the beautiful opportunities can be found here too.

    He has incorporated multiple ideas from the veterans and hereby offers a wide range of adventure holiday packages including mountaineering, jungle safari, peak climbing, river rafting and much more. He believes that the more choices you have, the better chance at you experiencing an adventure. Visiting Nepal is a distinct experience in culture alone. There is socio-ethnicity, languages, religions, natural beauty, delicious tastes and smells. There are treasures to be uncovered and he hopes that you allow NEPAL ADVENTURE TEAM to help you discover the magnificence of Nepal’s myths, legends, and unique landscapes. You are encouraged to contact by phone, email or visit our office when you are ready.


  • Liu Dalin

    Liu Dalin

    International Director

    Founder of Mu Xin International, CEO of JD International Art Gallery and executive director of Nepal Adventure Team, specializes in marketing and spiritual travelling.

    She has done spiritual travelling several times to Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and other south Asian countries. She has a profound understanding about the arts, cultures, religions and the like. Being a marketing specialist, she visited major media to share and promote the art and culture. Her proposal of spiritual procession to south Asian countries is to attract many travelers for recognition of its art and culture.

  • Sujan Thapa Magar

    Sujan Thapa Magar

    Trekking Guide

    He was born in Dhading district which is located in Ganesh Himal trekking region of Nepal and working as trekking guide since long. He is innocent, honest and fully experience in this field. He has been doing trekking all over the Nepal Himalayas.  

  • Mahesh Thapaliya

    Mahesh Thapaliya

    Tour Guide

    Mahesh Thapaliya is our first grade tour guide who is a multi-talented person. He is fluent in English and Chinese. He's been working as a tour guide for almost 5 years now. Learning new things, helping the people and communicating with the clients are his favorite parts of the job. The top student of the Chinese class back in college, he is still learning to the day to become a fluent Chinese interpreter.



  • Sushil Manandhar

    Sushil Manandhar

    Tour guide

    Sushil Manandhar is our professional guide who's been with us for quite a while. He is a licensed and experienced trekking and tour gude who is best at what he's doing. His proficiency is in Chinese language. Hard working and keen in learning is what describes him.

  • Sanam Rana Magar

    Sanam Rana Magar

    Marketing and Promotional Manager

    Sanam Rana Magar is our highly qualified and leading marketing specialist whose aim is to give the best of the service to the guests. He's been working hand in hand with us for a couple of years now. On recent time, he's been working on increasing the networks all over the world for the benefits of the Himalayan nation and also trying to attract the travellers in the nation.

  • Tony Thapa Magar

    Tony Thapa Magar

    Trekking guide

    Tony is a young trekking guide who joined us from the beginning and been working with us diligently. Young, enthusiastic and passionate in work is how we can describe him. He is an experienced and licensed trekking guide who knows the mountains in and out. 

  • Ekta Acharya

    Ekta Acharya


    Ekta Acharya is our brilliant accountant who deserves much of the credit for who we are now. A family person who is diligent in her work is our gem of the office. 

  • Ambika Maharjan

    Ambika Maharjan

    Tour/Trekking guide

    A charming personality fluent in speaking in multiple languages, Ambika is our own tour(mostly) and tour guide, having enormous knowledge in the history, arts, literature and unmissably the nature.She's had the experience of more than 5 years befriending the Himalayan lap. With the bachelor in business studies, she is an adventurous person with hobbies like travel, exploring new places, etc.

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