• Day 1 Kathmandu Arrival (1400m/4593 ft)
    Day 1 is about your arrival in Kathmandu and settling you at a comfy hotel. Nepal Adventure Team will pick you from the airport and land you at the hotel. For your welcome in Nepal and best wishes for the Paldor Peak Climbing journey, Welcome Dinner along with cultural performance is arranged.   
    • Meals: Welcome Dinner
    • Accommodation: Hotel
    • Place: Kathmandu
    • Altitude: 1400m
  • Day 2 Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Preparation for Paldor Peak Climbing

    This day is about coping with Nepali people and the environment while enjoying the tour to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Kathmandu valley is not just the modernized capital of Nepal but also a capital of culture, ancient monuments, and heritage. 7 renowned Heritage sites are located in Kathmandu valley whereas, you can visit 3 of them on this day. Kathmandu Valley Tour – 2 Days is a demanded package for visiting these heritage sites.

    After a visit to 3 of the heritage sites, you will be dropped back to the hotel for peak climbing preparations. At this period, you can hire things or purchase things you have missed out on. Our team will help you in preparation of Paldor Peak Climbing and guide you as per your need

    • Meals: Breakfast
    • Accommodation: Hotel
    • Place: Kathmandu
    • Altitude: 1400m
  • Day 3 Drive to Syabrubesi (1550m/ 4921 ft) – 6/7 hours

    You will be driving up to Syabrubesi, a small market in Langtang Region Trek. You will stay at Syabrubesi for the night and start early morning trek towards Paldor Peak. The road leading to Syabrubesi is a mixture of pitched as well as off-road accompanied by rivers, villages, farmland, forests, hills, ridges, and pleasing views of valleys.

    Before reaching Syabrubesi, the Langtang National Park check post will stop you to check the required documentation to trek and explore the Langtang region. Nepal Adventure Team will arrange all the required documents and present it to the authority. They will also inform to not harm any properties as well as not to illegally import/export any properties. Then, bypassing popular Dhunche town, you will land to the riverside town of Syabrubesi for an overnight stay.

    • Day 4 Trek to Gatlang (2238m/ 7,343 ft) via Goljung, 5-6 Hours
      The trek for Paldor Peak Climbing begins from this day as you head towards Gatlang village. Today’s trek route is the part of the famous Tamang Heritage Trail. Firstly, the trail is steep until you reach Rongga Bhanjyang (2250m/7,382 ft ), then you will descend to Goljung village. Having a short break at Goljung village and observing the small settlements, you will head towards Gatlang village with gradual ascend. Gatlang is entirely inhabited by Tamang people and has places to visit as Parvati Kunda (lake) and an ancient old monastery. Ganesh Himal, Gosaikunda, and Langtang range will be shining and waving at you in this trail. The homestay will be arranged at Gatlang for the night stay. 
      • Day 5 Trek to Somdang (3270m/ 10,728 ft) via Khurpu danda la pass (3620m11,877 ft) 7/8 hours
        Having early morning breakfast, you will begin walking towards Somdang. It will be a long walk as you will pass Yuri Kharka and Khurpu Danda La pass. Firstly, you will ascend through forests of fir, juniper, rhododendron, and reach Yuri Kharka. Yuri Kharka is grazing land for local people. Then, until you pass Khurpu La, you will walk uphill trail where the pleasing view of Paldor peak accompanied by Langtang range, Ganesh Himal range, Pangsang la will welcome you. Further, a decent path through forests will land you to Somdang village where you can observe zinc mines.
        • Day 6 Trek to Jasta Khani (3700m/12,139 ft) – 6 hours
          Today’s overnight stop is Jasta Khani, Jasta Khani stands for zinc mines, so you can observe the zinc mines at Jasta Khani area. This will be the beginning of the off beaten trail to Paldor Peak Climbing. You will have a packed lunch. Additionally, you will begin to stay at camping rather than in teahouse lodges. With the steep climb crossing Paigutang Kharka, forests, and rocky paths, you will camp at Jasta Khani for the night.  
          • Day 7 Trek to Paldor Peak Base Camp (4280m/ 14,042 ft) - 5 hours
            While trekking to Paldor Peak Base Camp from Jasta Khani, the difficulty of the trail will increase. You will face uphill rocky and glacier trail. However, Paldor Peak will be shining in front of you while climbing up. Just like in Jasta Khani, you will be camping at Paldor Peak Base Camp. Our staff team will entirely set up the tents, arrangement, and prepared dinner for you.
            • Day 8 Acclimatization and basic training for Paldor Peak Climbing at Paldor Base Camp (4280m/ 14,042 ft)
              The most necessary step for going towards high altitude is to acclimatize with the environment, thin air, and high altitude. This day is separated for coping with the environment by travelers and carrying the basic climbing technique. Our guide will lead you for warm-up as well as practicing climbing for the next day’s Paldor Peak summit. The training session will also support the climbers to acclimatize. 
              • Day 9 Trek to High camp (5300m/ 17,389 ft) – 3/4 hours
                The trail from Paldor Base Camp to Paldor High Camp is also rocky through glaciers. Throughout the route, you will be mesmerized by the views of Paldor East and Paldor West. Today there won’t be a long walk and you will reach Paldor High Camp early. Even the dinner and sleep time will be early as on next day you will head to summit Paldor Peak around 1:00 AM. On this day, it is necessary that you take enough rest for the hectic schedule of the next day. 
                • Day 10 Summit Paldor Peak (5896m/ 19,344 ft) and Trek back to Paldor Base camp (4280m/ 14,042 ft)
                  This is the main day for climbers as you will head to summit Paldor Peak. From the PAldor Peak, you will watch the heart pleasing view of mountains as Ganesh Himal Range, Langtang Lirung, Shishapangma, Manaslu as well as the mountains of Tibet. The climbing starts in the early morning around 1:00 AM. You will head after having breakfast and accomplish a peak within 6-7 hours. The climb is started so early because the wind starts to blow heavily at noon. So, climbers need to complete the summit and return to high camp within noon. Then, you will be settling at Paldor Base Camp for the night.  
                  • Day 11 Trek from Paldor Base camp to Jasta Khani (3700m/12,139 ft) – 5 hours
                    You will be returning through the same route such as it will be easier for you to walk. You will walk through glaciers and rocky paths so the distance is kept less. This will also be the last camping day of the Paldor Peak journey as well as close up view of the Paldor peak. Additionally, while staying at Jasta Khani you can observe zinc mines if you had not in the previous stay. 
                    • Day 12 Trek from Jasta Khani to Somdang (3270m/ 10,728 ft) – 5 hours
                      Having breakfast with a close view of the Paldor peak, you will begin to walk towards Somdang. Somdang will be the stop for the night. Bypassing Paigutang Kharka, you will reach Somdang. 
                      • Day 13 Trek from Somdang to Gatlang (2238m/ 7,343 ft) - 6 hours
                        Leaving the rocky path behind, the trail filled with forests and vegetation will begin as you head towards Gatland from Somdang. You can again enjoy the view of Paldor peak, Langtang range, Ganesh Himal range, Pangsang la from Khurpu danda la pass. The grazing area of Yuri Kharka is the next point indicating the nearness of Gatlang, your overnight stop. 
                        • Day 14 Trek from Gatlang to Syabrubesi (1550m/5085 ft) – 4 hours
                          After having breakfast at Gatlang, the popular village of Tamang Heritage Trail, you will head to Syabrubesi town. By crossing the suspension bridge, Goljung, Rongga Bhanjyang, forests, and farm fields, you will settle down at the bank of Langtang Khola that is at Syabrubesi. You will feel the difference in weather, temperature, and air. You will stay in a small hotel instead of tents and homestay.
                          • Day 15 Drive from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu (1400m/ 4593 ft) – 6 hours
                            You will be driving to Kathmandu from Syabrubesi through the same roadway, a little bit bumpy and little bits smooth. Your luggage will be checked at Langtang National Park check post to ensure that travelers have not violated any rules. The ride will be downhill with views of the valley, villages, vegetation, and locals. You will be dropped at the hotel. And farewell dinner will be organized by Nepal Adventure Team to celebrate your summit to Paldor Peak, celebrate the teamwork with the hope to serve you in your next journey. 
                            • Day 16 Final departure
                              Nepal Adventure Team will bid you goodbye at the airport as the Paldor Peak Climbing journey ends here. You will be dropped at the airport as per your flight schedule.