Trip Details

  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Easy
  • Trip Style: Day Hiking & Walking
  • Transport: Private Vehicle
  • Food: Lunch
  • Group Size: 2


  • Buddhanilkantha Temple- a reclining statue of Lord Vishnu
  • Nagi Gumba- Monastery at the hillside with nunneries
  • Tarebhir- the village at foothills of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park
  • Sundarijal- a source of water supply in Kathmandu
  • Bird’s eye view of Kathmandu Valley
  • Friendly and professional guide

Sundarijal Day Hike is a hike through Buddhanilkantha Temple, Nagi Gumpa, Tarebhir to Sundarijal. Sundarijal Day Hike incorporates the blessing from Hindu Temple, wisdom from the monastery, adventure from Tarebir, greenery throughout the trail, and freshness of following water of Sundarijal. Literally, Sundari means beauty and Jal means water so Sundarijal represents the beauty that water brings to nature.

Sundarijal Day Hike trail passes through Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park which supplies the opportunity to encounter varieties of flora and fauna. In addition, you can also for Shivapuri Day Hike to explore more of Shivapuri National Park and nearby hilly areas of Kathmandu. You can find various hiking options at Hiking in Nepal. Nepal Adventure Team has notable experience in Trekking in Nepal and Nepal tours so you can rely on Nepal Adventure Team.

Buddhanilkantha Temple

Buddhanilkantha Temple is situated at the northern end of Kathmandu Valley having the large reclining statue of Lord Vishnu. The main statue of Buddhanilkantha is considered to be the largest stone carving in Nepal. Literally, Buddhanilkantha means Old Blue Throat. Every year a fair of Haribondhini Ekadashi is held as per the Hindu religious calendar (around October-November) and it is the principal festival of the temple.

The statue is a black stone structure carved from a single block of black basalt and positioned in the middle of a recessed pool of water. According to folklore, a farmer plow struck a boulder and to his surprise, blood started flowing out of the cut in the stone. Continuing the digging, he unearthed the magnificent statue.

The floating statue continues to fascinate and various subsequent requests for access to study its physical nature have been declined. Though a small chip of statue did confirm it to be a silica-based stone with remarkably low density.


Sundarijal is a village located at the Gokarneshwar Municipality of Kathmandu. The Bagmati river originates from this region and it has been a major source of water supply for Kathmandu valley for eras. Sundarimai Temple, a temple of Hindu goddess is also located in the area at the confluence of tributary Nagmati in the Bagmati river. Electricity is also produced from Sundarijal Hydropower Station.

Being close to Kathmandu and rich in natural beauty, many visitors visit the Sundarijal area to revive their energy from nature and forget the bustling city life.


Tarebhir is a Tamang village in the foothills of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. The area is surrounded by pine trees. It is surrounded by greenery enabling hikers to view Kathmandu from the hilltop.

Guide for Sundarijal Day Hike

A guide will lead you to Sundarijal Day Hike. The number of guides depends on the number of individuals registered for the Sundarijal Day Hike. Each group of 4-5 pax is assigned with one guide.

The guide with a Nepal Government-certified license is only assigned to lead Sundarijal Day Hike. Additionally, the guide is also trained in first aid and eco-tourism. Usually, an English-speaking guide is available but on request Chinese and another language-speaking guide can be made available. A guide will lead as well as inform you about the locality, culture, rules, importance. Overall, the guide will have the feature of friendliness, leadership, communication expert, and jolly nature.

Transportation at Sundarijal Day Hike

Early morning after you have your breakfast, the guide assigned by the Nepal Adventure team will come to pick you up for the hike. You will have a short drive to the Shivapuri National Park checkpoint near Buddhanilkantha Temple. Similarly, you will be driving back to your station from Sundarijal to Kathmandu. A private vehicle will be used for your transportation which may be a car or van as per the group size.

Food and drinks on Sundarijal Day Hike

Lunch will be provided during Sundarijal Day Hike. Basically, lunch includes typical Nepali food: Dhaal (lentil soup), Bhat (Rice), Tarkari (Vegetable/Chicken curry), and pickle.

A Mineral water bottle is handed to you prior to the hike.

Starting point: Buddhanilkantha Temple

Ending point: Sundarijal

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 01Hike to Sundarijal via Buddhanilkantha, Nagi Gumpa and Tarebhir
  • Day 01 Hike to Sundarijal via Buddhanilkantha, Nagi Gumpa and Tarebhir

    Kathmandu to Nagi Gumpa via Buddhanilkantha Temple

    Early morning, the Nepal Adventure teams guide will pick you up from your location and drive you to Bhuddhanilkantha Temple. You can observe the temple area and the famous reclining statue of Lord Vishnu. Then, you will enter into SNNP through its check post where they will register the traveler as well as charge the entry fees. As you enter the SNNP area, you will begin your day hike around the chirping of birds and blooming vegetation. Within 1-2 hours, you will reach Nagi Gumpa (Monastery).

    Nagi Gumpa to Sundarijal and Return to Kathmandu

    Nagi Gumpa creates peace and spiritual vibes in the surrounding supplying individual with positive energy. With a short visit to Nagi Gumba, you head to climb up towards Tarebhir to reach Sundarijal. The trails are through woods and somewhere you can find small settlements and paths decorated with prayer flags. With the downward hill, you will pass Tarebhir and reach Sundarijal. Spending a certain time at the Sundarijal area, you will move down towards the Sundarijal bus stop and drive back to Kathmandu. The guide will drop you at the hotel.

    • Meals: Lunch
    • Place: Kathmandu

What's Included


  • Private car/jeep transportation mentioned in the itinerary
  • Professional Guide service.
  • Lunch during the hike with tea/coffee.
  • First aid medical kitbag
  • All the paper works, Government Tax, and service charges


  • All bar bills like soda, beer, bottled water.
  • Other Snacks or energy
  • Tips to the guide, driver
  • Travel Insurance

Useful Information

Checklist for Sundarijal Day Hike

  • Light and Comfortable shoe
  • Weather appropriate clothing (moisture-wicking/ quick-drying cloth is best)
  • Lightweight fleece or jacket/ windproof jacket
  • Sunglasses and Hat/ Cap to cover the face from direct sunlight
  • Hiking stick and bag (optional)
  • Umbrella or waterproof jacket
  • Sunscreen of 60 SPF +
  • Snacks, juice, and energy bar (if you want)
  • Water bottle/ water purifier/ water chemical treatment (if you prefer)
  • Hand sanitizer, toilet paper

Booking and Payment for Sundarijal Day Hike

For the day hike, the cost is minimal so the full payment is requested for booking Sundarijal Day Hike. Even at the last moment, Sundarijal Day Hike can be booked. For any cancellation, the amount cannot be refunded as the amount will be allocated for the preparation of the hike.

You can make the payment in cash and credit card where a 3% - 4% additional charge is imposed if you pay through the card. You can also pay through the following services:

A. Online Payment

Please Click Here for online payment.

B. Bank Transfer

Bank Name: Himalayan Bank Limited
Bank Address: Tridevi Marga, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Account Name: Nepal Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd
Account No: 01906210910018
Swift Code: HIMANPKA


An experienced and certified guide will be leading your Sundarijal Day Hike. Usually, tourists and hikers tip guides as an appreciation for their polite and loyal services towards them. So, you may tip the guide as per your satisfaction with their services. The tipping guide is not compulsory. It is not forced by the company and it is solely your decision.

Request by Nepal Adventure Team:

Nepal Adventure Team believes in and practices responsible for tourism. We request each traveler maintain a clean area. You are also requested to care for the flora and fauna you encounter on the Sundarijal Day hike trail. Please follow the rules of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park displayed on trails.

Client Reviews

  • Jignesh
    Rating Review by: Jignesh, Bangladesh

    Serenity and Adventure!!

    The Sundarijal Day Hike was a wonderful blend of tranquility and adventure. Starting from Sundarijal, the trail meandered through lush forests and alongside cascading streams. The highlight was the scenic Sundarijal Waterfall, where we took a refreshing break before continuing the hike. The trail was easy, offering occasional steep climbs that rewarded us with stunning views of the Kathmandu Valley. 

  • noimage
    Rating Review by: Ashlesha Khan, Pakistan

    Kathmandu's Hidden Gem!

    The Sundarijal Day Hike was a delightful exploration of Kathmandu's natural beauty. Starting from Sundarijal, the trail passed through serene forests and offered glimpses of local wildlife. The highlight was reaching the picturesque Sundarijal Waterfall, a serene spot to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The hike was moderate, with some challenging sections that added to the adventure. Our guide was knowledgeable and provided insights into the local flora, fauna, and culture.