• Day 1 Hike to Sundarijal via Buddhanilkantha, Nagi Gumpa and Tarebhir

    Kathmandu to Nagi Gumpa via Buddhanilkantha Temple

    Early morning, the Nepal Adventure teams guide will pick you up from your location and drive you to Bhuddhanilkantha Temple. You can observe the temple area and the famous reclining statue of Lord Vishnu. Then, you will enter into SNNP through its check post where they will register the traveler as well as charge the entry fees. As you enter the SNNP area, you will begin your day hike around the chirping of birds and blooming vegetation. Within 1-2 hours, you will reach Nagi Gumpa (Monastery).

    Nagi Gumpa to Sundarijal and Return to Kathmandu

    Nagi Gumpa creates peace and spiritual vibes in the surrounding supplying individual with positive energy. With a short visit to Nagi Gumba, you head to climb up towards Tarebhir to reach Sundarijal. The trails are through woods and somewhere you can find small settlements and paths decorated with prayer flags. With the downward hill, you will pass Tarebhir and reach Sundarijal. Spending a certain time at the Sundarijal area, you will move down towards the Sundarijal bus stop and drive back to Kathmandu. The guide will drop you at the hotel.

    • Meals: Lunch
    • Place: Kathmandu