Why Nepal Adventure Team?

We are highly professional and also fully insured for your service.
Nepal Adventure Team is authorized travel and trekking company registered and licensed with the Ministry of Tourism and the Nepal Tourism Board.
We are also affiliated with TAAN (Trekkers Agents Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association), KEEP (Kathmandu Environment Project) including PAC (Porters Acts). 

We are unique

We are far from the common stereotypical travel and tours company who only organize the travelling package for the sake of profit but we serve differently. We are here only for your service and for the sustainable tourism growth. Taking the tourism of Nepal to a new height is our main motto.

We care

Nepal Adventure Team is strict with the health and hygiene concerns. Making sure everyone is healthy and fit is our primary concern. Then we come to our staffs and the clients' safety. You travel with us in the comfort of our trust and so we do care for you in anyway we can. Your safety is guaranteed.

You don't have to worry about the heights, altitudes, sickness and the others. Our guide are reliable, trustworthy and he's your travelling soul mate. He is properly trained so that he can take care of everything. Our porters will carry all of the supplements you might need later on. You feel any difficulty or you feel uncomfortable with the trip, we will customize it for you.

We will listen to your ideas and advices

We understand people have different preferences and styles of travelling. We have variety of packages that suits your needs while on the other side, we hear from you. After you give us your idea, we will combine that in our package to create your own style of adventure. This way you can make your dream come into reality while we only assist to finish your itinerary the way you planned it to be.


No matter what size of your groups, we have the suitable package for you. Even if you come alone, not to worry , we'll take you there. Let us know beforehand, the number of your team and whether you want to have a private group or mixed group so that we can plan everything systematically.

We work for the social welfare

Helping the deprived people in need, providing foods and distributing clothes to the needy, cooperating with the NGOs to give better education to the children, etc are some of the activities we keep doing time to time. For the interested visitors, who like to donate or work together with us are always welcome and appreciated. We believe it's our responsibility to contribute to the society that's why we keep volunteering for different functions frequently.

Responsible tourism

Travelling responsibly has always been our main commitment. Our country is rich in various cultures and ethnic groups. Nepal Adventure Team is trying to uplift this beauty of our locals and develop the country as  a whole. Therefore we believe, we have to show the respect to the people and the places we visit, try not to go against the village rules and against their beliefs. So we ask the same to the visitors that we keep our side of bargain and show them our gratitude and respect.  This is how we keep promoting the responsible tourism every now and then. 

Study the local cultures from close

We know that most of you travel here to see and learn something different. Hence, we bring you close to the local people, let you experience their ways, customs and traditions. In Nepal, there are so many castes with their own different cultures and lifestyles. Being with us, you can study them and their customs easily while also travelling many places.

Best foods and accommodations

We ensure that every place you stay for the night are comfy and full of facilities. It's mostly twin share basis but we could accommodate you to a single room if you are uncomfortable(incur extra costs). Also wherever you go, we ensure the food is up to your choice and taste or if you want to try something different, Nepalese typical food is always on the dish.

Best price with 100% risk free

After you book with us, we give you 100% guarantee that you'll get the total satisfaction in the quality and the service. The price we offer is also so reasonable and worth the value of your money that you'll know that we are service based rather than commercial based. To provide the great service is our main target. If under any circumstances you are unable to travel, your money is safe with us until the moment you resume joining us and you'll be travelling with the same amount next time when you come.

24/7 service and swift response

Quenching your queries no matter what time of the day or what type of the questions or situations, our team is there for you. We have our technical team handling the prompt communication with you all the time. Our main intention would be to prepare you for any kind of situations to occur and cope with them nice and easy.


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