Yoga and trekking in the Himalayas

Yoga and trekking in the Himalayas is the newly yet a very beautiful concept that most people would love to follow once they get an idea of it. It combines two most popular traditions that are on trend these days. Yoga or meditation and trekking or hiking. The Himalayas is isolated from the chaotic world and so is an ideal place for practicing yoga and meditation.

Trekking or hiking is always about travelling and learning. People love to go far from the chaos of the hectic lifestyle and explore the world while enjoying the different altitude and landscape variations. Sometimes, it’s just too much that one feels like giving up in the middle of the journey because of the hardships it inflicts upon a person. Therefore, keeping this in mind, people have developed a new idea i.e. to incorporate the yoga or meditation during or after the trekking period. Yoga, which is about spiritual practice, give one’s body and mind peace and sound health. After a series of experiments and practices, we have come to know that introducing yoga into the trekking allows for the richer experience and opening to the different perspectives. Everything will start looking different but better. The body and mind becomes as one and one can enjoy the nature more vibrantly. The combination of yoga, meditation, stretching and trekking in the lap of the Himalayas will give anyone a perfect travelling experience.

The yoga can be incorporated in any travelling or trekking packages so far. Doing so, one will experience improved health, better hiking capability and happiness under the guidance of professional yoga guides. For deepening one’s spirituality and energizing oneself, there’s even a lot of yoga schools and yoga retreat centers where one can do different levels of yoga courses. It can also be arranged if someone is wishing to join the yoga course for deeper understanding. Knowing the benefits of yoga and meditation, many hotels and resorts or different accommodations have also been arranging for the yoga lessons on the house.

However, accepting yoga into the daily trekking activities is the best idea to give oneself extra boost and becoming healthy and happier. For all the unique experiences and knowing different ways of doing the trekking, contact with Nepal Adventure Team.


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