Trip Details

  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Easy
  • Trip Style: Home Stay Tour & Trek
  • Transport: Private Vehicle / Bus
  • Food: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel + Tea House Lodge
  • Group Size: 1
  • Max Elevation: 1900 m


  • Experience Nepali grand Dashain festival
  • Gain the rich cultural experience by being a part of local family
  • Live like a local people and observe local lifestyle from up close
  • Observe numerous temples, monasteries, and Gompa
  • Spectacular panoramic view of Ganesh Himal, Annapurna Range, Manaslu (8163m), and Langtang Himalayas
  • Closure insight of Magar, and Tamang culture and traditions

Dashain Festival Tour is one of the best festival tour packages in Nepal. offering a variety of rich traditions and customs of different ethnicity, and religions, culturally diverse countries; Nepal is also known as the land of festivals. Traversing through the charming villages of Dhading District such as Raute village, Selle village, and Myagang village of Nuwakot District as well, this tour lets you indulge in the virgin trekking trail to see the rare unbeaten natural and cultural beauty of mind-blowing Ganesh Himal Trekking Region which is still not crowded by thousands of trekkers and is desperate to welcome its trekkers. Marvelous views of Mount Annapurna Range, Mount Manaslu, and Ganesh Himal Range from beautiful Selle village, and the jaw-dropping view of Langtang Himal Range of Myagang is enough to enthrall any trekkers.

There is no doubt that the Dashain Festival Tour is a remarkable festival tour where you can observe the cultural rituals and ceremonies of the greatest Dashain festival. Our 8 night 9 days Dashain Festival Tour presents you with the perfect combination of the festival tour with hiking, and trekking opportunities to learn the rituals and importance of fascinating Dashain festivals. Traversing through the virgin trail to the non-touristic trekking region lets you embark on a heavenly place called Raute village where you will be staying for three days. It is a must-visit destination where you feel at home even though you are in an unknown place where you can find the honest and friendliest people on earth, and the feeling where you feel at home in an unknown place is indescribable.

In addition, while staying at Raute village, you can observe the way Magar celebrates the Dashain Festival while enjoying the special cultural program on the auspicious occasions of the Dashain Festival. Having a delicious feast, you can join the singing and dancing performance because we believe that sharing happiness means double happiness. On top of that, traversing through charming villages with the senior leaders of the Nepal Adventure Team, you can unlock the eternal beauty of charming villages like Selle, Kuri, and Myagang where you can take a look at the Tamang culture, and customs. With beautiful rural mountain landscapes, lush green forests and vegetation with small rivers, an ebullient flow of streams, and pristine lakes, Dashain Festival Tour presents an absolutely beautiful trekking in Nepal experience that is sure to be engraved into your memories.

Therefore, if you want to gain a rich cultural experience, explore the charming village, and take part in the biggest and most awaited Dashain festival, then there is no better option than joining Dashain Festival Tour in Nepal with Nepal Adventure Team because we guarantee there is much more to see in Nepal which offers cultural diversity in some of the most unexpected ways. It would be an amazing experience to learn about a new festival and visit a new place at its best. Moreover, it would be a fantastic journey to the right place, at the right time.

The Greatest Festival Dashain in Nepal

Unarguably one of the important festivals of Nepal, Dashain is popularly known as “Bijaya Dashami”, where Bijaya stands for winning and Dashami stands for tenth. Mainly celebrated by the Hindu religion, Dashain honors the victory of good over evil. Not to mention Dashain means Kite fluttering across clear blue skies, buying new clothes, eating a delicious meal, and having time to gather around your family and meet relatives as well. You can also click this link Nepal Festival Tour for once-in-a-lifetime festival tours in Nepal. Through this tour, you can take part in auspicious occasions where you can have a real connection with local inhabitants.

Dashain Festival Tour in Nepal lets you understand how tradition, norms, and values play a significant role in Nepalese culture and society.

Ritual and Cultural Facts of Dashain

According to Hindu mythology During the Satya Yuga (Era of Truth), the Mahisasur-the demon who tortured human beings and is blindfolded by his power was challenged by Goddess Durga. Soon the battle between good and evil started on Shukla paksha which is now celebrated as Ghatasthapana; the first day of the Dashain Festival. The first nine days symbolize the battle between nine different forms of Goddess Durga and Mahisasur. The 10th day where Goddess Durga killed Mahishasura is celebrated as the main and important day of the Dashain festival which symbolizes the victory of good over evil. On this day you can see how the rituals of elders putting Tika and Jamara (the sacred grass) on the forehead of younger relatives and exchanging blessings and Dakshina (a small amount of money) makes a great impact on Nepalese Culture and people. The Dashain is celebrated actually for 15 days.

Another belief about the Dashain celebration is again from the Hindu mythology Ramayana where Prince Ram saved his beloved wife, Sita, from the clutches of the demon king Ravan.

There are so many Rituals and Cultural fact of Dashain which has their own religious belief.

  • During the Dashain festivals, people make an extra effort to make sure their house is cleansed and beautifully decorated.
  • On the first day of Dashain-Ghatasthapana, people installed Kalash filled with holy water and covered sideways by cow dung, and seeded with barley and other grains.
  • On the 7th Day, which is called “Phulpati”, 7 types of flowers and fruits are offered to Maa Durga and her nine different forms.
  • On the 8th Day, which is called “Maha Asthami”, people worshipped Kali Maa; the fiercest form of Goddess Durga. There is a belief that bloodthirsty Kali Maa is appeased through the sacrifice of buffalo, goats, hens, and ducks. And after offering blood animals, people cooked its meat as “Prasad” or food blessed by divinity.
  • The 9th Day is called “Maha Navami”, people worshipped “Vishwakarma”, a god of creation.
  • The 10th Day is called “Vijaya Dashami” where the head of the family member prepared “Tika”, a mixture of rice, yogurt, and vermilion, along with Jamara which is sown in the Ghatasthapana, to put on the forehead of younger relatives.

We at Nepal Adventure Team, have a whole blog about the Dashain Festival of Nepal where you can read detailed rituals and cultural facts about the Dashain festival.

How is Dashain Festival Celebrated?

Dashain is celebrated with great pleasure. We celebrate Dashain Festival following the ancient old rituals and customs, which are handled by our ancestors. Before the Dashain, Dashain preparation is a great deal here in Nepal. People tend to cleanse their houses thoroughly and decorate them beautifully. Worshipping Goddess Durga throughout the nation, we celebrate Dashain by seeking blessings from Goddess Durga and from elders who put this tika and Jamara on our forehead and bless us with prosperity and lots of Happiness.

People returned to their village from Kathmandu during the Dashain. Besides this flying Kite, buying new clothes for the whole family, and having delicious meals which include a lot of meat items play an important role in Dashain Festival. All kinds of people from the rich to the poor people celebrate Dashain according to how much they can afford. All people enjoy the festive mood and the longest national holiday. During these days people laze around and play cards together with family. In addition, Wooden Ferris wheels (rote ping), and traditional swings (Linge ping) are built and held in villages to entertain people. People believe that playing a swing at least once a year means leaving the ground for a minute which is important during Dashain Festival in Nepal.

The Benefit of the Dashain Festival Tour

  • Dashain Festival Tour is the perfect combination of nature and culture tours with Hiking and trekking opportunities.
  • With the end of the monsoon, you can have the best season to travel in Nepal during the tour and trek around the mountain valley.
  • Dashain Festival Tour will let you check out the off-the-beaten-path destinations before the crowds do.
  • Spectacular Annapurna Range, Mount Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Langtang Mountain Range will make your jaw drop.
  • Dashain Festival Tour lets you observe the ceremonies, rituals, and beliefs related to the Dashain festival.
  • Through the picturesque trekking trail, the Dashain festival Tour takes you to a beautiful charming village
  • This tour provides you with the perfect opportunity to live like locals and feel at home.

When is Dashain Celebrate?

Dashain festival is usually celebrated as per the lunar calendar which falls from September to October. Dashain starts from a bright lunar fortnight (Shukla Paksha) and ends on the day of the full moon (Poornima).

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 01Arrival in Kathmandu (1350 m)
  • Day 02Kathmandu to Selle (1450 m) via Dhading Bensi, 5/6 Hours
  • Day 03Selle to Raute (850 m) 4/5 Hours
  • Day 04Raute Village Exploration
  • Day 05Raute Village, and dashain Celebration
  • Day 06Raute Village to Kuri (1785 m) 4/5 Hours
  • Day 07Kuri To Myaghyang Village (1900 m)
  • Day 08Myaghyang To Kathmandu (1350m) 5/6 Hours
  • Day 09Finale Departure
  • Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu (1350 m)

    Upon your arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport, you will find the representative of the Nepal Adventure Team standing with a company’s nameplate board. After exchanging warm welcome greetings at the arrival section, we will lead you to our vehicle to transfer you to the respective hotels. In the evening you will have a welcome dinner party at a typical Nepali restaurant where you will be served authentic Nepali cuisine with a cultural dance performance.

    • Meals: Welcome Dinner
    • Accommodation: Hotel
    • Place: Kathmandu
    • Altitude: 1350 m
  • Day 02 Kathmandu to Selle (1450 m) via Dhading Bensi, 5/6 Hours

    Today, you will have a scenic drive to Dhading Besi from Kathmandu valley. From there you will trek Selle which is about 5-6 hours of walk. After arriving at Selle village you will participate Phulpati celebration on the auspicious occasion of the Dashain festival. Living with a local family you will experience real Tamang culture too.

    Overnight at homestay.

    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, and Tea/Coffee
    • Accommodation: Home Stay Lodge
    • Place: Selle
    • Altitude: 1450 m
  • Day 03 Selle to Raute (850 m) 4/5 Hours

    Today you can experience the joy of celebrating the eighth day of the Dashain festival which is called “Maha Asthami”, where all the villagers offer animal’s blood to Maa Kali. You can share the happiness with a big feast of delicious meals prepared by household members. After a heartwarming delicious meal, you will head towards Raute village which is a beautiful Magar village surrounded by mountains.

    Stay overnight at Homestay with Nepali family.  

    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, and Tea/Coffee
    • Accommodation: Home Stay Lodge
    • Place: Raute
    • Altitude: 850 m
  • Day 04 Raute Village Exploration

    Today Dashain festival tour rewards you with stunning panoramic views of Ganesh Himal. On this day you will explore the Raute village where you can see the diverse culture of Magar, Tamang, and Bahun settlements. After a superb meal, you can go for a side trip to AakhuKhola (river), watching the ebullient flow of rivers makes you feel refreshed and cheerful.

    Stay overnight at Homestay.

    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, and Tea/Coffee
    • Accommodation: Home Stay Lodge
    • Place: Raute
    • Altitude: 850 m
  • Day 05 Raute Village, and dashain Celebration

    This is the biggest day from your Dashain festival tour, today you will witness the biggest celebration of the religious Dashain festival which is celebrated full of life and happiness. You can join the celebration by seeking blessings from elders and if you want to you can also put Tika and Jamara. You will be drawn to the mesmerizing Annapurna, Manaslu, and Ganesh Himal Mountain Range, the beauty of the village lifestyle, and fall in love with Nepalese people through this tour.

    Stay overnight at Homestay.

    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, and Tea/Coffee
    • Accommodation: Home Stay Lodge
    • Place: Raute
    • Altitude: 850 m
  • Day 06 Raute Village to Kuri (1785 m) 4/5 Hours

    Leaving behind the beautiful Raute village, and keeping the beautiful memories, you then head towards Kuri Village which is a Tamang village. You will visit the famous Lyakche Kunda lake during the trek, adorned with the ancient monastery, Mandam Mane stupa, and marvelous views of Ganesh Himal will encourage you to see more.

    Stay overnight at Homestay

    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, and Tea/Coffee
    • Accommodation: Home Stay Lodge
    • Place: Kuri
    • Altitude: 1785 m
  • Day 07 Kuri To Myaghyang Village (1900 m)

    Today you will head to Myagang, Nuwakot. Some of the highlights of this trek are Beautiful rural landscapes and spectacular panoramic Langtang Mountain Range from the top of the hill of Myagang.

    Stay overnight at Homestay.

    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, and Tea/Coffee
    • Accommodation: Home Stay Lodge
    • Place: Myanghyang
    • Altitude: 1900 m
  • Day 08 Myaghyang To Kathmandu (1350m) 5/6 Hours

    After early morning breakfast, you will head towards Trishuli which is the most famous destination for river rafting. After arriving at Trishuli, you will have a quick stroll around Trishuli Bazaar and drive back to Kathmandu where you will have a farewell dinner party.

    Stay overnight at Kathmandu

    • Meals: Breakfast , Farewell Dinner, and Tea/Coffee
    • Accommodation: Hotel
    • Place: Kathmandu
    • Altitude: 1350 m
  • Day 09 Finale Departure
    This is the last day of the tour, after celebrating the grandest festival of Dashain and so many days of traveling together, we bid our farewell to each other. Nepal Adventure Team will take you to the airport about three hours before the scheduled flight. 
    • Meals: Breakfast

What's Included


  • All ground transportation (Private vehicle, and Local Bus)
  • Hotel and accommodation (2 Nights Hotel in Kathmandu and 6 Nights home stay Lodge during the trek)
  • Food and Drinks (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Tea/Coffee in a cup during the trek)
  • Guide and Staff (One experience, local, English Speaking government license trek guide, one porter, and driver)
  • Celebrating Dashain festival with Local people
  • Permit and fee (Local Entrance fee)
  • Equipment and pack list (Sleeping bag, down jacket, trekking pole, and trekking shoes – if you required)
  • Trekking map and first Aid medical Kitbag
  • Nepal Adventure Team’s T-shirt and Duffle bag
  • Government VAT, and Local Taxes


  • Nepal visa fee
  • International flight (airfare)
  • Extra drinks as alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  • Personal expenses like chocolate, biscuits, phone bill, toilet paper, and Etc.
  • Travel and rescue insurance


Useful Information

Hotel and Accommodation

Nepal Adventure Team provides you with a 3-star hotel when you are in Kathmandu. During the tour, your accommodation will be staying at Homestay where you can get to live with locals, eat their foods, and live like locals. You will be overwhelmed by the hospitality they offered to you.

Food and Beverage

With Welcome and farewell dinners at typical Nepali restaurants, you will be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the hotels where you stay for the night. During the tour, Nepal Aventure Team will provide three meals a day. For beverages, you will have time to serve tea/coffee for a day. We donat provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Health and Fitness Required

It is a moderate type of trek; therefore, no previous trekking experience is required for this trek and tour. Since you will be walking a lot of ups and down in the villages, mountains, and ridges, it is wiser to do some exercise before the tour such as jogging, walking, and running. Which helps you to keep your breathing stable during the trek.

Your Guide and Porter

Nepal Adventure Team provides you highly experienced and license holder senior leading guide for this tour. You will have no complaints about his/her service. We have 100% repeat travelers from all around the world because of the top-notch service provided by our team. You can easily communicate with our English-speaking guide and porters. They are capable of working under any pressure.

Means of Transportation

We at Nepal Adventure Team provide all the necessary transportation facilities for Dashain Festival Tour. We provide private vehicles for airport pick up and drop, along with all private ground transportation facilities during your tour in Nepal.

Personal Expenses

We provide your all accommodation and food expenses including transportation facilities inside Dashain Festival Tour. You only need money for these purposes down below:

  • For alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Snacks
  • To buy souvenirs
  • To tips staff, porters, and guide
  • Personal needs
  • Laundry
  • Telephone calls

Client Reviews

  • Zudisa
    Rating Review by: Zudisa, Spain

    An Authentic Cultural Celebration!

    The Dashain Festival Tour in Nepal was a fascinating cultural adventure. We were welcomed into local homes to observe and participate in the festival's rituals, from tika ceremonies to animal sacrifices. The festive atmosphere, with vibrant decorations and joyous celebrations, was infectious. Sharing festive meals with local families gave us a true taste of Nepali hospitality. This tour offered an authentic and enriching experience of one of Nepal's most important festivals.

  • noimage
    Rating Review by: Daniel Smith, United States

    Memories to Cherish

    The Dashain Festival Tour in Nepal was an absolute delight! The energy and enthusiasm of the festivities were infectious, drawing me into a whirlwind of colors and music. From witnessing ancient rituals at historic temples to indulging in delicious festive cuisine, every moment was a feast for the senses. But what truly stood out was the warmth and hospitality of the Nepalese people, who welcomed me into their homes with open arms.

  • noimage
    Rating Review by: Priya Singh, India

    A Joyous Celebration

    Participating in the Dashain Festival Tour in Nepal was an experience like no other! From vibrant street celebrations to traditional rituals, every moment was filled with joy and cultural richness. I was welcomed with open arms by the locals, who generously shared their customs and traditions. The sight of families coming together, exchanging blessings and feasting together, left a lasting impression on me. If you're looking to immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Nepalese culture, this tour is a must-do.