Trip Details

  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Easy
  • Trip Style: Day Hiking & Walking
  • Transport: Private Vehicle
  • Food: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Group Size: 1
  • Max Elevation: 2175 m


  • Stunning Sunrise and Sunset view at Nagarkot admired tourist hill station near Kathmandu
  • 8 Himalayan Ranges view Annapurna Range, Manaslu Range, Ganesh Himal Range, Langtang Range, Jugal Range, Ro[waling Range, Mahalangur Range (Everest Range), Numbur Range.
  • Sankhu- the ancient Newari town of Kathmandu
  • Changu Narayan Temple- UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Trails exploring nature, cultural diversity, ethnic groups such as Newar, Tamang
  • A professional and experienced guide

Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 2 Days hiking is specially focused to let hikers enjoy the breathtaking moment at Nagarkot during Sunset and Sunrise.

The hike is easy since Nagarkot lies in the eastern part of Kathmandu which is not far from Kathmandu yet there is no sign of the hustles and bustles of Kathmandu. When you have one spare night and want to relax with nature, observe the culture, and cherish the hilly areas, you can choose the Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 2-day option from Hiking in Nepal operated by Nepal Adventure Team.

Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 2 days of hiking lets you enjoy the ancient town of Sankhu, the admirable hill station Nagarkot, and the charming Changu Narayan temple.


In ancient times, Nagarkot was a fort of Kathmandu Valley built to monitor the external activities of other kingdoms. It was also a summer retreat for the royal family before being established as a pleasing hill station. Nagarkot lies on the eastern side of Kathmandu Valley.

Nagarkot is a hill station loved by travelers for the wide view of Himalayan ranges, greenery, and the ease of restaurants and hotels. Mainly, Nagarkot commands one of the broadest views of the Himalayas in Kathmandu Valley as 8 Himalayan ranges of Nepal out of 13 are visible from Nagarkot. The ranges include the Annapurna Range, Manaslu Range, Ganesh Himal Range, Langtang Range, Jugal Range, Rowling Range, Mahalangur Range (Everest Range), and Numbur Range. The view of Kathmandu Valley and Shivapuri National Park is also observed from Nagarkot.

A large number of visitors visit Nagarkot to enjoy the stunning view of sunset and sunrise accompanied by mountains, ridges, hills, and valleys.

Sankhu – the ancient Town in Kathmandu

Sankhu town is enriched with Newari people and culture along with unique culture, values, and traditions showcased through gates and temples. Sankhu area is also named as Shankarapur Municipality. It is believed to be named Shankharapur for its famous ancient Sankha-shaped town structure where Sankha means a conch shell of ritual and religious importance in Hinduism.

Sankhu consists of four caves which are believed to be used by Siddha (refers to perfected masters who have achieved a high degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection or enlightenment.) of India for meditation. Additionally, Sankhu consists of two temples with high religious values: Bajrayogini Temple and Swasthani Temple

There are 5 Gates Around Sankhu Town:

  1. Bhau Dhwakha (Bride Gate) - This is the main entry gate of Sankhu. In local tradition, this gate is used whenever a new bride is introduced to the town.
  2. Sangal Dhwakha or Mhyamachaa Dhwakha (Daughter Gate) - It is the gate to bid farewell to a daughter who is married off.
  3. Dhunlla Dhwakha or Dya Dhwakha - This gate is important for the Bajrayogini festival. All kinds of ritual processions including the chariot of Bajrayogini enter through this gate.
  4. Mahadyo Dhwakha or Si Dhwakha: Dead bodies from Sankhu are taken out to the funeral through this gate.
  5. Naari Dhwakha: During the Shalinadi (Shali river) festival, the Holy god Madhav Narayan along with the devotees are taken in and out of the town through this gate.

Changu Narayan Temple

Changu Narayan Temple is the temple of Hindu god Vishnu who is also called Narayan and the temple was established at (Champak Hill) thus, it is named Changu Narayan Temple. It is a milestone in Nepali temple architecture with rich embossed works and leads to being on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The temple is surrounded by Champak tree forest, a small village named Changu, and also the Manohara river flows behind the hill. Due to this environment, the visitor feels sound and spiritual. The temple also has the stone, wood, and metal cravings of the Lichhavavi period ranging from the 4th to 9th centuries.

Changu Narayan Temple is built two-tiered in a unique Nepali style as it is neither pagoda nor shikhara style, the main shrine guarded on all sides by pairs of real as well as mythical beasts: lions, elephants, ram-horned griffins, and Sarabhas (part lion part bird). See more

Guide for Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 2 Days Hiking

A guide will lead you from Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot for 2 days of hiking as the trails may be misleading. The number of guides depends on the number of individuals registered for Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot for 2 days of hiking. Each group of 4-5 pax is assigned one guide.

The guide with a Nepal Government-certified license is only assigned to lead Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 1 One-night stay. Additionally, the guide is also trained in first aid and eco-tourism. Usually, an English-speaking guide is available but on request, Chinese and other language-speaking guides can be made available. A guide will lead as well as inform you about the locality, culture, rules, and importance. Overall, the guide will have the features of friendliness, leadership, communication expertise, and jolly nature.

Transportation from Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 2 Days Hiking

Early in the morning after you have your breakfast, the guide assigned by the Nepal Adventure team will come to pick you up for the hike. You will have a short drive from your pick-up point to Sankhu. Similarly, you will be driving back to your station from Changu Narayan. A private vehicle, such as a car or van, will be used for your transportation as per the group size.

Food and drinks from Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 2 Days Hiking

2 times Lunch and 1-time Dinner will be provided from Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot and 2 days hiking along with 1-time breakfast. Lunch/dinner includes typical Nepali food: Dhaal(lentil soup), Bhat (Rice), Tarkari (Vegetable/Chicken curry), and pickles. Breakfast consists of food items of American Breakfast or Continental breakfast.

A Mineral water bottle is handed to you before the hike.

Nepal Adventure Team arranges Sunset to Sunrise at Nagarkot 1 Night stay with various options as Sunrise at Nagarkot Day Hike and Nagarkot Day Hike via Sankhu to Changu Narayan. There are other relative options for hikers under Hiking in Nepal. You can also customize or change the itinerary as per your requirements.

Starting point: Sankhu Bazzar, Shankarapur Municipality, Kathmandu District

Ending point: Changu Narayan Temple, Changu Narayan Municipality, Bhaktapur District

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Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1Hike to Nagarkot via Sankhu
  • Day 2Hike to Changu Narayan from Nagarkot

What's Included

  • Private car/jeep transportation mentioned in the itinerary
  • Professional Guide Service.
  • 1 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 1 Dinner during the hike with tea/coffee.
  • Accommodation at 3* Hotel
  • First aid kits
  • Entry fees for sites
  • All the paper works, Government tax, and service charges
  • All bar bills like soda, beer, bottled water.
  • Tips to the guide, driver
  • Travel Insurance


Trip DatesStatusPriceNote  
02 Mar, 2024 - 03 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
03 Mar, 2024 - 04 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
04 Mar, 2024 - 05 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
05 Mar, 2024 - 06 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
06 Mar, 2024 - 07 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
07 Mar, 2024 - 08 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
08 Mar, 2024 - 09 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
09 Mar, 2024 - 10 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
10 Mar, 2024 - 11 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
11 Mar, 2024 - 12 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
12 Mar, 2024 - 13 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
13 Mar, 2024 - 14 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
14 Mar, 2024 - 15 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
15 Mar, 2024 - 16 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
16 Mar, 2024 - 17 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
17 Mar, 2024 - 18 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
18 Mar, 2024 - 19 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
19 Mar, 2024 - 20 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
20 Mar, 2024 - 21 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
21 Mar, 2024 - 22 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
22 Mar, 2024 - 23 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
23 Mar, 2024 - 24 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
24 Mar, 2024 - 25 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
25 Mar, 2024 - 26 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
26 Mar, 2024 - 27 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
27 Mar, 2024 - 28 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
28 Mar, 2024 - 29 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
29 Mar, 2024 - 30 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
30 Mar, 2024 - 31 Mar, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165
31 Mar, 2024 - 01 Apr, 2024GuaranteedUS$ 165

Useful Information

Checklist for Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 2 days Hiking

  • Light and Comfortable shoe
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (moisture-wicking/ quick-drying cloth is best)
  • Lightweight fleece or jacket/ windproof jacket
  • Sunglasses and Hat/ Cap to cover the face from direct sunlight
  • Hiking stick and bag (optional)
  • Umbrella or waterproof jacket
  • Sunscreen of 60 SPF +
  • Snacks, juice, and energy bar (if you want)
  • Water bottle/ water purifier/ water chemical treatment (if you prefer)
  • Hand sanitizer, toilet paper
  • Power backup for camera/phone

Booking and payment for Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 2 Days Hiking

For the day hike, the cost is minimal so full payment is requested for booking Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot for 1 Night stay. Even at the last moment, Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 1 Night stay can be booked. For any cancellation, the amount cannot be refunded as the amount will be allocated for the preparation of the hike.

You can make the payment in cash and credit card where a 3% - 4% additional charge is imposed if you pay through the card. You can also pay through the following services:

A. Online Payment

Please Click Here for online payment.

B. Bank Transfer

Bank Name: Himalayan Bank Limited
Bank Address: Tridevi Marga, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Account Name: Nepal Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd
Account No: 01906210910018
Swift Code: HIMANPKA


An experienced and certified guide will be leading your Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 1 Night stay. Usually, tourists and hikers tip guides as an appreciation for their polite and loyal service towards them. So, you may tip the guide as per your satisfaction with their services. The tipping guide is not compulsory. It is not forced by the company and it is solely your decision.

Request by Nepal Adventure Team:

Nepal Adventure Team believes in and practices responsible for tourism. We request each traveler to maintain a clean area. You are also requested to care for flora and fauna you encounter from Sunrise to Sunset at Nagarkot 1 Night stay

Client Reviews

  • noimage
    Rating Review by: Sami Hamdan, Greece

    Sunrise in The Himalaya!

    We did the 2 day Nagarkot tour with our guide Jeeban. We managed to capture the Nepalese culture through our trip through various villages towards reaching our destination Nagarkot. The sunrise in the morning from our hotel was magnificent as we saw the sun rising from The Himalayas. Our guide was more than helpful and not only answered all our questions but was very friendly from our first day in Nepal and helped us with everything including accommodation, a tour of the city, and transit to and from the airport. I would definitely recommend this tour and our guide and new friend Jeeban to anyone who wants to do a trekking activity in the region.

  • noimage
    Rating Review by: Nolee, Greece

    Nagarkot 2 Days Hiking Experience

    We visiting Nagarkot for a 2-day-1 night hike tour.
    Our tour guide, Jeeban, showed us the local culture, we had a meal at local Nepalese restaurants and the Himalayas view was awesome.

    Jeeban also helped us for the rest of our Nepal trip, recommending restaurants and places to visit.
    Thank you for everything