• Day 1 Hike to Nagarkot via Sankhu

    After you have breakfast, the guide assigned by the Nepal Adventure team will come to pick you up at your hotel. You will have a scenic drive to the Sankhu area. Sankhu is filled with ancient Newari culture and lifestyle and also has popular local sweet shops. You will explore the ancient town, its architecture, and monuments.

    From Sankhu, you will begin your hike towards Nagarkot. You will pass through the Sankhu town, their settlements, and climb up on hills. Gradually, you will experience the freshness in the air, vibrant surroundings,s, and a bird’s eye view of valleys. After 4-5 hours of walk, you will reach Nagarkot. Nagarkot has a view tower to facilitate travelers to enjoy the view of the valley, mountain, hills, ridges, and tiny villages. You can enjoy the charismatic sunset view accompanied by mountains and hills. The colorful sky will make you forget the hard climb and revive your energy. You will have to sleep early to enjoy Sunrise's view on the next day. 

    • Meals: Lunch, and Dinner
    • Accommodation: Hotel
    • Place: Nagarkot
  • Day 2 Hike to Changu Narayan from Nagarkot

    You will rise early to meet up with the sunrise view from Nagarkot Viewpoint. The sky turns to be golden making mountains shine more brightly and luring each visitor. The rays of the sun create a breathtaking moment. Then, you will have breakfast and move downhill towards Changu Narayan Temple. You will walk through another trail to reach Changu Narayan which gives the pleasure of greenery and tranquility.

    Changu Narayan Temple is also located on a hilltop supplying a beautiful view of the Sankhu area and Bhaktapur area. You can have a detailed observation of the architecture, statue, and arts of Changu Narayan Temple. Then, you will drive back to your hotel. 

    • Meals: Breakfast and Lunch
    • Place: Kathmandu
    • Altitude: 1350m