• Aug 12, 2020
  • Preeti Ale
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The Covid-19 pandemic has been a huge upset too many trekkers and travel enthusiasts worldwide. Enter and exit to and from countries has been restricted. However, the only positive impact that the pandemic has caused in the tourism sector in Nepal is that the mesmerizing natural geographies have been given rest, rejuvenating for the upcoming trekking season. Trekking agencies and guides have also been exploring new and exciting trekking packages.

Manaslu is located in the western Himalayan Region in Nepal with surrounding Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Macchapuchre. The Manaslu region boasts the most amazing sceneries. The biodiversity mixes well with the amazing mountains covered in snow all round the year. What trekkers find most exciting is the cold and clear Budhi Gandaki River and the Marsyangdi valley around. Not just the landscape, but the warm and welcoming ethnic groups are also one of the things that make Manaslu trek different than other trekking regions.

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Lush flora and Fauna

Manaslu is a wonderful trekking destination all around the year. However, post-pandemic, it is destined to be even better. The flora and fauna of Nepal have been rejuvenated. Untouched by tourists, the first trekkers to go on Manaslu trek will get to experience the lush beauty of Manaslu without any human interruption.

Reminds You of the Past

Manaslu Trek takes you to the wonderful villages in the foothills to reflect to olden times. The traditional way of life of the ethnic people living there along with their culture, and traditions welcomes you to prehistoric times.

An Ideal Place to be Refreshed

Manaslu region is one such place that trekking enthusiasts should visit once in a lifetime. It is an ideal place to be due to its unspoiled and picturesque natural beauty. Manaslu trekking trail passes through rocky and silent road with chirping sounds of birds. If you are lucky enough, you may even spot animals and rare birds like Lhophorous, Himalayan Griffin and Lammergeyer. The rhododendron and pine forest along the way and the views of Annapurna Massif from a distance give the Manaslu region a special touch. After the pandemic, trekkers who want to break free of the chains of staying at home can hop on the Manaslu trekking route to relax your mind and stretch your body.

Untouched Land

As it is regarded as a challenging trek, the Manaslu region has only a few tourists visiting each year making it an unspoiled land. The Manaslu trail is a road less traveled due to its remoteness from the rest of the world. More so, during the pandemic, the Manaslu area has not been majorly affected. There aren’t many known cases of COVID in the Manaslu region which makes it safer to visit than other destinations Post-COVID.

Gateway to other Trekking Destinations

Manaslu trekking route is not just known for the wonderful landscape of Manaslu but also is associated with many other trekking destinations in the Annapurna area. Manaslu trek also leads to the route of Tsum Valley and the Larkey La Pass. Since the Manaslu trekking trail is near the Annapurna Region, many trekkers are also excited for the up-close views and change to excurse those areas as well.

Post Covid-19 pandemic, the trekking situation in Nepal will also be vibrant and welcoming. While you might need to stay at home for safety purposes, after the pandemic subsides, Nepal welcomes you to the foothills of Manaslu for one of the most amazing treks of your life.

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