• Sep 17, 2020
  • Jeeban Thapa Magar
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Nepal on Forbes’s 10 Bucket List Trips for the Next Decade | Nepal 2020 and beyond: Travel Goals for Decade

Nepal is listed as top 10 destinations to visit for the next decade by popular Forbes magazine and regarded to be travel goal through an article of “2020 Travel Goals: Ten Bucket List Trips for the Next Decade”

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Forbes has highlighted the diversity of Nepal in terms of natural beauty and culture despite being small in size. In its word “For a country roughly the size of New York state, Nepal is home to a remarkable diversity of landscape.” It has also mentioned that Nepal is not just limited to mountains and an idol destination for trekkers and climbers rather travelers can enjoy “From luxury jungle safaris to private treks in the Himalayas”, “There is more to Nepal than just backpacking.

From luxury resorts in Kathmandu to chic safari camps in the national parks of Bardia and Chitwan.” Travelers can also enjoy the private camping experience with an expert guide to exotic yoga packages. In addition, luxurious flight to Everest Base Camp with minimal effort and maximum pleasure has also been revealed with a statement “What’s bucket list vacation without some extravagance, after all?” (Everest Base Camp Helicopter Fight Tour) Forbes also wrapped up the article as “An enticing influx of luxury travel experiences have arrived in Nepal, and it would be a shame not to capitalize.”

Other 9 countries of the Forbes list: Ecuador, New Zealand, Peru, Alaska, Brazil, Morocco, China, Finland, and Kenya.

So, make sure you have Nepal in your Travel bucket list too. There is a range of activities, landscapes, cultures, and people who surely entertain you in an amazingly satisfying way. Check the activities/packages for Nepal on our website.

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