• Jun 3, 2024
  • Sushila Thapa
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The New Height of Mount Everest

The new height of Mount Everest is now 8848.86 (29,031.69 ft), growing 0.86 higher than previously recognized, and Mount Everest sets a new record. So if someone asks you how tall Mount Everest then, don’t answer it's 8848m (29,028 ft), because it’s not. The previously widely recognized height was decided by the survey of India in 1954. This was the first time Nepal has successfully conducted the measurement of the summit. In Nepal, Mount Everest is known as “Sagarmatha”, and “Chomolungma” in Tibet which means “Mother Goddess of Nature”. It is located in one of the most visited regions of Nepal, the Khumbu region which is in the Solukhumbu district. In other words, you can say, Khumbu region beholds the dream of every mountain lover and mountain expert. Thus, if you are a true mountain seeker and enthusiastic traveler, then you can join our 15 days Everest Base Camp Trek which presents you with a remarkable world-renowned favorite excursion to Mount Everest Base Camp, with a complete adventure trek, adorned with an outstanding view of Mount Everest itself and the other tallest mountains such as Mt. Lhotse (8,516 meters), Mt. Makalu (8,470 meters), Amadablam, Nuptse, and Thamserku. Following the footprints of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, you can also climb Mount Everest and be the first person to reach the summit at an elevation of 8848.86m.

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When was the new Height of Mount Everest Measured?

Last spring, in May 2019 the Nepalese surveyor’s team measure the mountains which followed by Chinese surveyors in May 2020. They became the only team to reach the summit in 2020. During the time of the survey, Nepali surveyors reached the summit at 3:00 am to minimize the errors and despite freezing cold, Nepal was successful in creating history with the new height of Mount Everest. Putting an end to the decades-long debate on the world’s highest mountain, Nepal and China announced the news jointly. There is no doubt that the highest peak of the world is Mount Everest. It's hard to say Mount Everest will always be the highest mountain in the world, but one thing is sure that it is carrying its legacy on.

Was the Measurement Needed?

The major earthquake of 2015 had an impact on measuring its new height. A spokesman for the Nepalese Department of Survey, Mr. Damodar Dhakal, also said that the reason for the mountain was the 2015 earthquake. BUT you can’t deny the fact that there was always an ongoing conflict about the height of Mount Everest between Nepal and China. At the end of the day, the announcement of the new height of Everest resolves the conflict.

The new Height of Everest and Nepal’s Tourism

Nepal has always been on the bucket list of adventure seekers, fascinating Snowy mountaintops reaching into the sky never fails to lure wild people and to those who crave mountains and hills. Almost a year and a half now, the tourism industry has been facing a massive problem due to the COVID-19 situation, having adjourned the most awaited “Visit Nepal 2020” campaign, tourism in Nepal has suffered a lot. But, having said that now is already the year 2021, lockdown is already ended and Nepal is already open for tourism. Nepal Adventure Team is working hard to generate a safe and comfortable trekking environment using various safety protocols, and if you don’t want to regret traveling less when next something bad happens in the world, connect with Nepal Adventure Team to Everest Base Camp trek and fly Heli where you can marvelously stunning view of Mount Everest, Nuptse, and glimpses of Lhotse Kalapatthar. You can also explore Everest Gokyo Ri Trek with our expert guide in Everest Region. The epic voyage of Gokyo Ri Trek takes you to one of the longest glaciers Ngozumba glaciers in Nepal. Needless to say, the new height of Mount Everest is bringing us positive energy and joy. While the king of Mountain, Mount Everest is growing higher than ever, Nepal’s tourism industry is also crawling back on its feet. Therefore, we would like to say Visit Nepal in 2021 and help us grow back our tourism industry. In Nepal, there are many regions where you can perform outdoor activities but among them, Nepal Adventure Team provides you an absolutely remarkable well-known region of Nepal, which is none other than the Everest region.

Everest Region Trekking

One of Nepal's most renowned trekking regions of Nepal, the Everest region contains surreal natural beauties, adorned with a panoramic range of majestic mountains, alpine forests, pristine lakes, George, lush vegetation, and glaciers. The homeland of the highest mountain in the world presents rich Himalayan tradition and culture from the broad range of Chortens, isolated monasteries, and mani stone walls. Connecting with local inhabitants and traversing to Sagarmatha National Park are major highlights of the Everest region, including dancing in the Irish Pub at Namche Bazaar. From Namche unlocking the ethereal view of Mount Everest, trekkers and mountain experts dive into Mount Everest. The epic journey of the Mountain region starts with a scenic flight to Lukla airport. Landing at one of the most dangerous airports in the world, Lukla airport sure gives you the first kick-off adrenaline rush to your body and that will stick you to the very end of the trek. As soon as you get off the flight, you will encounter guides and porters, and other fellow trekkers as well. After some planning and preparation, you will head towards the mountains crossing many suspension bridges and Chortens. On the route, you will see prayer flags draping on suspension bridges or waving in the air which seems like welcoming you to their home. Growing more than two feet taller, Mount Everest is standing taller than ever. The Nepal Adventure Team presents you voyage that will take you near the highest mountain, Mount Everest. By simply clicking the link down below you will be ebullient and happy to trek with us. By traveling with experts and experienced guides on the Nepal Adventure Team, you can unlock the brimming beauty of the Everest region to its fullest.



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