• Sep 12, 2020
  • Preeti Ale
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Nepal is listed as one of the post-COVID 19 travel destinations by Wanderlust Magazine on the September 2020 issue, highlighted as “Top travel experiences for 2021 – Insider Secrets”. As per Wanderlust, Nepal is regarded as one of the potential destinations for rejuvenation post-COVID 19 and selected by international travel industry experts for those looking for a unique experience in 2021 and beyond.

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COVID 19 has paused the traveling of the world. The mitigation of COVID 19 by the world is improving. This leads the world towards traveling again with additional precautions and sanitation. Travelers are eager to step out of their homes and continue exploring the places and people. Travel Experts and travelers are listing out the post COVID destination to travel. Nepal has been able to top the list of post COVID destinations published by Wanderlust Magazine- September 2020 issue.

Wanderlust is a British Magazine, since 1993, covering adventurous, cultural, and special interest travel. According to the travel industry friends of Wanderlust, they have listed destinations to have travel experiences for 2021. As highlighted in the cover of Wanderlust, it has displayed the statement “ THE WORLD IS WAITING - Get Ready to Explore….” And mentioned the countries: Greece, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, Antarctica, Cambodia, Nepal, Colombia, Japan, Azores, Belize, Vietnam, Namibia.

If you are thinking of visiting Nepal, you can be more sure about seeing Wanderlust’s listings. You can check the packages or customize the travel experience from adventure to luxury relaxation with Nepal Adventure Team. Nepal Adventure team is well prepared to welcome Post COVID 19 travelers in Nepal and you can solve any confusion related to traveling to Nepal.

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