• Oct 3, 2020
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COVID 19 has ruled the year 2020 and spoiled all the travel plans related to individual or business reasons. Gradually, the world has learned to survive and live with COVID 19 until the vaccine is widely available. The news of mega-production of vaccines is also being circulated and countries are opening for travel. All the necessary precautions and health and safety measures are adopted. So, people have begun to come out from the “Stay Home” policy of 2020. We all have realized the essence of going out, traveling places, meeting people, trying cuisine, and observing the various artifacts of the world. Some of you may continue with your old bucket list of travel or may have revised it after having a long time with oneself.

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Here, we have listed 5 reasons for post-COVID 19 travel to Nepal. The admirer and frequent travelers of Nepal are well aware of the countless charm of Nepal, forever smiling Nepalese, lifestyle, and culture. Yet you should check the reasons to be happier for your choice of visiting Nepal. If you are unaware of Nepal then, you must go through the reasons to visit Nepal. It may help you to upgrade your travel destinations list.

Nepal Listed as Post COVID destination

Nepal has been in the list of popular magazines and web portals as Forbes, Wanderlust, and Lonely planet.

Nepal is listed as the top 10 destinations to visit for the next decade by Forbes magazine and regarded to be a travel goal through an article of “2020 Travel Goals: Ten Bucket List Trips for the Next Decade” It highlighted Nepal’s natural and cultural diversity as well as noted that Nepal is more than just backpacking with numbers of Luxurious holiday offerings of Nepal. Details: Nepal in Forbes’s Travel Bucket List for Next Decade.

Nepal is listed as one of the post-COVID 19 travel destinations by Wanderlust Magazine on the September 2020 issue, highlighted as “Top travel experiences for 2021 – Insider Secrets”. As per Wanderlust, Nepal is regarded as one of the potential destinations for rejuvenation post-COVID 19 and selected by international travel industry experts for those looking for a unique experience in 2021 and beyond. Details: Nepal is Wonderlust’s Post COVID Destination.

Everest Base Camp has always been a highlighted feature of Nepal and never missed to promote Nepal. In the same token, Everest Base Camp of Nepal has been listed in “The 10 Best Treks in the World” by Lonely Planet. It has complicated 15 Days Everest Base Camp as extremely popular due to spectacular scenery and romanticism. Details: Everest Base Camp on Lonely Planet’s Best Trek list.

Less Crowded

Nepal is a tiny landlocked country that has rarely been promoted as the way it deserves. Nepal has natural and cultural diversity which pleases every traveler who has been to Nepal and makes them revisit it. You can see the landscape from the highest mountains, high hillocks, comprehensive valleys, fastest flowing rivers, wide plain fields. Consequently, it is a home of rare and diverse flora and fauna as one-horned rhino, snow leopard, red panda, tiger, and like. In terms of culture, Nepal has 126 ethnic groups and 123 languages along with 59 typical indigenous communities as recognized by Nepal Government.

With all these vibrant features, Nepal has always been promoted as trekking and climbing regions whereas it has much more to offer. Thus, in comparison to other nations Nepal encounters less crowded areas though the capital city, Kathmandu is much crowded. However, the tourist destinations of Nepal are far away from Kathmandu valley where travelers enjoy various activities as Trekking in Nepal, Nepal Peak Climbing, Nepal tours, Helicopter Sightseeing Tour, Nepal Jungle Safari, Nepal Festival Tour, Hiking in Nepal.

Most parts of Nepal are not urbanized and make fewer crowds in tourist areas. Ongoing of COVID 19 pandemic, it is better to avoid crowded destinations so Nepal can be your right option to travel. Trekking and tours are managed as per your necessity as a Private trip, Family trip, Couple trip, Single trip. From backpacking to a luxury holiday, you can choose and customize it with us.

Mental and Physical Fitness:

COVID 19 pandemic has taken all our attention and mental peace. Though it attacks us physically, its effects on the globe have created wider mental stress. COVID 19 not just restricted on travel but also bounded everyone to stay at home with no physical contact with anyone or anything and just be occupied with electronic gadgets.

Subsequently, life became passive where people long to travel, long for mental peace and physical activities. While being in the dilemma of post-COVID 19 travel plan, Nepal offers wide packages from trekking, climbing to comfortable touring in cities, villages, and jungles.

The tranquil surroundings and conserved nature of Nepal will please you.

Firstly, Trekking in Nepal:

Even the trekking trails vary from low altitude to high altitude as per your comfort with physical activeness. Every trail offers a view of mountains, wilderness, and tranquility.

Secondly, Nepal Peak Climbing: experienced as well as non-experienced both can try climbing on peaks as per the grading.

Thirdly, Nepal tour settles you to resorts and hotels offering cozy stay at beautiful sites of lakes, hills, mountains, and experience of national parks.

These activities and stay will revive your energy and refresh you. Additionally, yoga, meditation, and spa would add the pleasure in your journey of Nepal.

Exclusive Luxury Holiday

Nepal has always been popularized as the destinations for tough and adventurous trekking, climbing, and mountaineering but the real travelers only know Nepal has more to offer than that.

Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek is introduced for the clients who are willing to trek in much comfort. Even if you are keenly interested to observe mountains closely and disappointed by long trek, you can choose our Helicopter Sightseeing Tour or Moutain Flight in Nepal. For instance, you can have a warm breakfast at a cool place with Mt. Everest's view accompanied by fresh and chilly breeze by choosing Everest Base Camp Helicopter Flight Tour.

On the other hand, you want a company of nature but with city vibe and nightlife then, the Nepal Tour option has a vibrant itinerary through popular cities as Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan with all classy and high-end resorts and assets. You can just take off from one city and land to another one with all new surroundings and experience.

Besides the above-mentioned plan, if you just want to relax at a place with scenic sunset, lush national park experience, private scenic river viewing deck, and private large plunge pool, you have our Chitwan Jungle Safari option.

Responsible Tourism

Nepal has been serving tourists and thriving in the tourism industry for decades. Decades have passed and changes have been made but Nepal has always been able to conserve, preserve, and flourish the nature and culture despite all the development carried out. Every year millions of tourists visit Nepal yet the trails and tourist areas serve them the charming of natural beauty accompanied by ancient culture and lifestyle.

Nepal made the headlines by being ahead with the aim of doubling the Tigers’ population by 2022. Nepal also owns 12 National Parks, 1 Wildlife Reserve, 1 Hunting Reserve, 6 Conservation Areas, and 13 Buffer zone covering 23.39% of the total country’s land. Thus, Nepal Jungle Safari is praised and demanded by the tourists.

Likewise, for environment conservation, certain areas have totally banned the use of plastic. Every year, tones of garbage are carried down from Everest Region and trekking trails and heritage sites are cleaned and maintained. Even during COVID 19 pandemic when the world and travel industry was resting, Nepal’s travel and tourism industry were busy cleaning and nourishing the trails by adopting all COVID 19 safety measures. These actions reflect Nepal is concerned about natural and cultural charm for tourists by being responsible towards the earth and culture.

Overall, COVID 19 has surely made Nepalese jobless yet they are hopeful to welcome all the travelers around the world to explore Nepal’s cultural and natural beauty accompanied by backpacking as well as luxury traveling. They have geared up to face COVID 19. Equally, we, Nepal Adventure Team, offer your customizable and desirable traveling pack with essential precautions (For detail: Impact of COVID 19 in Nepal Tourism).

Moreover, Nepal’s beauty is incomplete without its loyal admirer and travelers to praise it. Nepalese are eager to do Namaste! with a smile and guide them from the Himalayas, peaks, hills, woods, lakes, valleys, heritage, national parks, farmlands to typical Nepali lifestyle.

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